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Guo Bing realized that he had been fooled.

The conclusion he gave himself was that he had lost too much blood and his brain was not working well, which was why he could not win the argument with this young woman.

Guo Bing continued, “Hey, Miss, you see, we are all weak now.

In addition, we have been chased all the way and are so exhausted.

We definitely need money.

We need money for treatment, food, and drinks.

Even the clothes we are wearing now are torn and tattered.

We definitely have to change them.

Doesnt that also need money

“So, we need money in every aspect.

Can you give us a discount”

After all, was said and done, Guo Bing was really reluctant to part with so much money.

Lin Yuelan replied indifferently, “I know you are all injured and need to eat, drink, and pee.

But what does this have to do with me” Then, she gave Guo Bing a contemptuous look and said, “I say, Lieutenant, arent you too stingy Why do you always think of using my money”

Guo Bing was so angry that he leaned back.

What did she mean by using her money It was their money.

When did it become her again

But on the other hand, she wasnt wrong.

Once they paid her, their money would be her money.

But they hadnt paid her yet.

“No, thats not right.

Miss, we havent paid yet.” Guo Bing said, “So, the money is not yours, right”

“Oh.” Lin Yuelan nodded in understanding.

Then, her face turned cold, and she asked sternly, “Are you going to tell me that the War God of Long Yan Country is going to refuse to pay someone for saving his peoples life”

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Guo Bing, “…” That was not what he meant.

Guo Bing still wanted to argue with Lin Yuelan, but Jiang Zhennan really couldnt stand it anymore.

Guo Bing and Lin Yuelan could argue until the sun went down.

But how was that good for them

This was a wild forest deep in the mountains, a place where ferocious beasts roamed.

If it were any other time, they wouldnt have to worry.

However, the five of them were seriously injured.

The smell of blood on their bodies would definitely attract those fierce wild beasts.

Then, they would become the wild beasts dinner.

Therefore, the young woman was the only person who could save them.

He coughed twice to stop Guo Bing from continuing.

“Young lady, three hundred and thirty thousand taels of silver, I can give you all of it.

However, I still hope that you can promise me one thing.

Lin Yuelan was much gentler to the masked general than to Guo Bing, as she loved to hear him speak.


Lin Yuelan nodded at Jiang Zhennan again.

“Masked uncle, tell me what is it first.

Just like he said, even if you gave me half a copper less, I wouldnt agree to it.” As she spoke, Lin Yuelan pointed at Guo Bing with her little finger.

Under the mask, Jiang Zhennans pale face looked at Lin Yuelans little money-grubber appearance, and he could not help but smile again.

Jiang Zhennan looked around and said, “Miss, you see, we are in the middle of a deep mountain.

My brothers and I are seriously injured.

Can you think of a way to bring us back”

When Lin Yuelan heard Jiang Zhennan, she could not react for a moment.

“Back Back where” Then she shook her head.

“Its impossible for me to send you back to the capital.

“Moreover, Im just a young woman from the countryside.

I havent even left my town, much less gone to the capital.

How am I supposed to send you back Besides, Im just a lady who is too weak to even kill a chicken.”


When they heard Lin Yuelan say that she was too weak to even kill a chicken, except for Jiang Zhennan, the other two rolled their eyes in a very unsightly manner.

What kind of weak woman could kill 28 assassins in the blink of an eye

Jiang Zhennan shook his head gently and said, “Not to bring us back to Beijing, but to your house!”



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