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Pressured by the villagers, the Lin Family could only agree to the family separation ceremony.

They would sever the relationship with Lin Yuelan.

However, there was an issue of what they should do for this ceremony.

The villagers turned to Lin Mingqing because there had to be a reason why he brought up the story of Nezha earlier.

Lin Mingqing said, “According toSu Wen, if a person bleeds up to two bowls, he will faint or die.”

“So” Lin Laosan asked.

Lin Qingming explained, “Once a person bleeds too much, they might faint or die.

Therefore, for this ceremony, let the girl returns the blood that flows in her body to you.

“To ensure her safety, the girl will return you two bowls of her blood.

After that, her life and death have nothing to do with the Lin family anymore.”

Zhou Guixiang whispered at the side.

“If its just two bowls of blood, she wont die.

If she doesnt die, shell continue to jinx our family.”

Zhou Guixiang said this to remind Li Cuihua.

Ever since it was rumored that Lin Yuelan was a jinx, Zhou Guixiang had pushed the blame for her miscarriage against Lin Yuelan.

She believed the girl had killed the child in her stomach, so she hated Lin Yuelan to the bone.

Only by killing Lin Yuelan that the flame of hatred in Zhou Guixiangs heart would settle down.

Two bowls of blood might cause the girl to faint but she wont die.

However, Zhou Guixiang needed the girl to die.

For that purpose, Zhou Guixiang turned to her good mother-in-law.

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As expected, when Li Cuihua heard Zhou Guixiang, her heart skipped a beat.

She jumped out again and shouted loudly, “How can two bowls of blood be enough It has to be three bowls of blood!”

Since three bowls of blood could kill a person, then she had to ensure that Lin Yuelan bleed a total of three bowls so that shed die.

Lin Yiwei and Lin Mingqing frowned.

These women were so vicious!

They didnt expect the girls grandmother to be so heartless.

She didnt give her a chance to survive.

She wanted to kill the nine-year-old girl.

However, Lin Yiwei couldnt just watch helplessly as they forced a child to death.

Lin Yiwei said angrily, “Li Cuihua, humans are born to follow their destiny.

If the girl is really a jinx, then that is her destiny on Earth.

However, what if she dies before her jinx has the chance to work After all, she hasnt married yet.

“Does that mean that someone else will replace her as the jinx Naturally, this replacement will be from those closest to her in terms of blood.

This will begin a cycle in the Lin Family.

Do you really think the Heavens will be pleased after you execute the girl


“Li Cuihua, the Gods are always watching.

Arent you afraid of karma when the Gods see you treating your nine-year-old granddaughter like this”

Lin Yiweis words made the faces of the Lin family turn pale.

What if Lin Yiweis word was true What if Heaven had plans for the girl Since she was a jinx that would harm her husband, could they kill her before she married It would be against Heavens will.

Gods would punish them by finding another jinx replacement in their family, it could be Lin Dahua, Lin Xiaohua, or Li Cuihua.

No matter who it was… the cycle would continue.


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