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Not to mention Little White, even Jiang Zhennan had to roll his eyes at Guo Bing.

Did this persons brain become stupid because he had lost too much blood Couldnt he see that the tiger wasnt hostile to them Plus, where could they escape to

The white tiger belonged to the young woman…

“Little white, come here!” Lin Yuelan waved at the big white tiger.

This time, Guo Bing and the others were shocked again.

What did they just hear Did Lin Yuelan call the tiger Little White

Before Guo Bing could figure out why such a big white tiger was called little white, they heard Lin Yuelan say to little white in a serious tone, “little white, these five people are people I know.

They will be staying here for the night.

Can you ask your friends not to eat them If theyre really hungry, they can eat the people over there.”

Lin Yuelan first pointed at Jiang Zhennans group of five and then pointed at the dead assassins on the ground.

Other than Jiang Zhennan who maintained his general demeanor, Guo Bing and the others were simply horrified.

What was this young woman talking about What did she mean by that

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Also, she was talking to a tiger.

Could the tiger understand her

The answer soon came.

Their jaws dropped again as they looked at the majestic big white tiger called Little White.

After looking at the five of them with disdain, it nodded at the child.

They must be dreaming! How else would a tiger understand a human But then, they had seen stranger things happen earlier.

After figuring this out, Guo Bing was no longer so bothered about being looked down upon by a big white tiger.

However, he did have an idea that Lin Yuelan was not an ordinary person.

She was either an immortal or a demon.

Otherwise, there was no way to explain why the branches were growing wildly because of her.

Plus, she seemed to have the ability to communicate with animals too.

Guo Bing swallowed his saliva and asked curiously and doubtfully, “Miss, will those wild beasts really listen to Little White”

Lin Yuelan grinned and gave him a fake smile.

She asked, “What do you think”

What a joke.

Little white was the king of all beasts in this deep mountain forest.

Those wild beasts with no intelligence would only instinctively listen to the king.

Then, she changed the topic and said to Jiang Zhennan, “Masked uncle, you dont have to worry about being eaten by these wild beasts tonight.

So, you can spend the night here in peace and leave tomorrow.

“So, when do you plan to give me my money”

Jiang Zhennans mouth twitched.

She would never forget about her 330000 taels despite the fact that she still refused to take them back to her home.

Jiang Zhennans pale face under the mask looked apologetic as he said to Lin Yuelan, “Im sorry, miss.

We were suddenly poisoned and then hurriedly left the capital with our brothers.

We didnt have much silver on us.

We dont even have 323 silver on us, let alone 330000 silver.”

“What” Lin yuelan asked in surprise, “You dont have any money on you” Her eyes were filled with suspicion.

The men all shook their heads.

Who would bring so much money with them

Lin Yuelan didnt believe them.

The money was her reward, and she had to get it.

If they didnt have any money on them now, she would have to go to the capital to find them in the future.

That would be so troublesome.

She wound the vines around her arms.

Then, her hands began to touch Jiang Zhennans body.


Lin Yuelans sudden action left them dumbfounded.

What was she doing She might be twelve, but she was still a woman!


How could a girl touch a mans body so casually

Men and women were supposed to maintain a respectful distance.

Didnt she know that

Or was she taking advantage of them because she heard they had no money on them

If Lin Yuelan knew what they were thinking, she would only sneer and say, “Why would I want to take advantage of little kids like you”‘


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