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Lin Yuelan was happy to hear that the law of filial piety might be revised and abolished.

Then, she saw the village chief walk over with a serious face.

Lin Yuelan was very respectful towards him.

She went up to him and called out, “Grandpa Village Chief!”

Lin Yuelan had expected Lin Yiweis arrival.

After all, the sky was not yet dark and she had walked into the village with a group of strangers.

If not for their fear, some of the villagers might have confronted and scolded her already.

After all, the people she brought in were all men.

She was already twelve.

Even if she spoke a few words to a man alone, she would be branded as a shameless person.

Lin Yiwei nodded, but his eyes swept over the five people who were dressed in disheveled clothes and had wounds on their bodies.

He asked directly, “LanEr, who are they”

Lin Yuelan trusted Lin Yiweis character.

Lin Yuelan told him the truth, “Grandpa village chief, his name is Jiang Zhennan!”

Lin Yiwei nodded and said, “Oh, Jiang Zhennan.”

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Then, his eyes opened wide like bronze bells, and he looked very surprised.

He turned his head and looked at Lin Yuelan in disbelief.

He asked again, “LanEr, what did you say his name was Jiang… Jiang…”

Then, without waiting for Lin Yuelan to reply, he turned around and looked at the tall and strong man in front of him.

Although his armor was stained with some black and red blood, it was not difficult to see that it was originally silver in color.

He also wore a silver mask on his head, revealing a pair of sharp eyes.

Most importantly, the terrifying aura on his body was not something that an ordinary person could possess.

His aura was something that was refined on the battlefield.

In his impression, there was only one person in Long Yan Country who fitted this image, and that person was the Countrys War God, the protector of the people, Jiang Zhennan.

However, he had just heard this name from Lin Yuelans lips.

He didnt think there would be another person with the same name and aura in the country.

Lin Yuelan nodded and said to Lin Yiwei seriously, “Grandpa Village Chief, its exactly what you think!”

If Jiang Zhennan was to stay in the Lin family village, she had to have a reason to convince the village chief.

Otherwise, it would make the villagers very uneasy, and she didnt want to put the village chief in a difficult position.

After Lin Yuelan and Jiang Zhennan looked at each other for a moment, Lin Yuelan nodded at Jiang Zhennan.

Jiang Zhennan also nodded in response.

Then, he walked forward and said, “Hello, Village Chief, Im Jiang Zhennan!” Jiang Zhennan was referring to him with respect.

He noticed how respectful Lin Yuelan was to Lin Yiwei, so he followed suit.

Jiang Zhennan stepped forward and introduced himself again in order to confirm his identity to Lin Yiwei.

Lin Yiwei was a little dazed.

The tall man who stood before him stunned him.

Who would have thought that the countrys war god would appear in their small village in such a sorry state

Lin Yuelan looked at Lin Yiweis expression and suddenly felt that this old man was a little cute.


After a while, Lin Yiwei reacted.

He looked a little panicked and nervous.

He quickly replied, “H-Hello!”

Although the village chief had met a few important in his life, the most important person he had met was only the county Magistrate.

Now, the defender-general of the state was standing in front of him.

How could he not be nervous and helpless

Jiang Zhennan did not look down on Lin Yiwei.

He said with the same respect, “Do you mind stepping aside for a private talk”

Lin Yiwei nodded in a panic.

“Sure … Sure!” It wasnt that he was a coward, but the other partys aura was just too strong.

Also, he was looking at the War God with his own eyes.

Both his heart and expression were filled with excitement.

After that, Jiang Zhennan and Lin Yiwei went to talk alone.

While they were talking, Lin Yuelan saw Lin Yiwei nod with a serious expression, and his expression was filled with anger and other emotions.

Lin Yuelan shook her head and returned to her hut.

After a while, she brought out a tea table from the house and placed it in the courtyard.

Guo Bing, who was looking around curiously, saw this.

He immediately came forward and said with a smile, “Miss Lin, why didnt you call us Youre a young woman.

You should leave the heavy lifting to us.”


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