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That was what Guo Bing said, but internally, he muttered,Are the womans eyes covered in money When we first met, she had already scammed us of a few hundred taels of silver.

The second time we met, she scammed the boss for more than three hundred thousand taels.

‘And now, shes asking for more! The number keeps getting higher!

Lin Yuelan glanced at him disdainfully.

Then, she walked to them and bent down.

Under their dumbfounded gazes, she gently picked up the stool and said rudely, “About that.

I havent seen the shadow of the money.

When I see the money, Ill think about it and see if I can give you a discount for one or two teals.

“But for now…” Lin Yuelan chuckled.

“Youre living in my house, eating my food, and using my money.

Dont you think you need to pay me”


I was wrong.

The young womans eyes arent covered with gold, but they are made of gold!

‘One or two taels taken out of 10,000 taels is considered a discount!

Guo Bing couldnt help sighing for his wallet, but he still followed Lin Yuelan and insisted, “Hey, miss Lin, you see, our first meeting was called a chance encounter, so the second meeting must be fate.

You said it yourself that well be friends when we meet again.” Guo Bing moved to stand in front of Lin Yuelan and said with a smile, “Since we are friends, talks of money hurt the relationship.

Besides, can money buy the unique fate between us Dont you agree”

Lin Yuelan looked at Guo Bing, who was so persistent.

She rolled her eyes and said sharply, “I really dont think I want that fate then.

Nothing good ever happens when I meet you people.

I might get some silver, but most of them I havent even seen yet.”

Guo Bing rolled his eyes.

Guo Bing continued to smile and said, “Dont worry, miss.

My boss wont miss out on his promise.”

Lin Yuelan nodded, “Thats good.”

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On the other side, Jiang Zhennan and Lin Yiwei seemed to have finished their conversation and walked over.

Lin Yiwei saw that blood was starting to ooze out of Guo Bings chest.

He immediately cried out in shock, “Sir, are you alright” Lin Yiwei was just a village chief in a small village.

When he met the War Gods subordinates, he greeted them with respect and some fear.

Guo Bing was a very observant person.

He had seen how Lin Yuelan and his boss respected the elder, so he certainly wouldnt dare to be arrogant.

He immediately shook his head and said very politely, “Village Chief, Im fine.

Also, my name is Guo Bing.

You can call me Guo Bing or little Bing in the future.

Theres no need for formality.”

Lin Yiwei felt very shocked.

Not only did he meet the legendary war god general of the country, but he also talked to him face to face.

Most importantly, this person was very respectful to him, without a trace of disdain or contempt in his eyes.

Lin Yiwei nodded and said, “Alright, Ill call you little Bing.”

Guo Bing immediately nodded and replied, “Of course, village chief.”

However, Lin Yiwei looked at the injuries on Guo Bing and the others and asked in confusion, “Are you guys really okay Looking at your injuries, they seem to be very serious!”

Without waiting for Guo Bing to answer, Lin Yuelan spoke first, “Grandpa village chief, they really need to find a doctor to examine their wounds.

Grandpa village chief, do you have any trusted doctors who are tight-lipped”

Lin Yiwei could know the soldiers identities, but not anyone else.

Lin Yiwei squinted his eyes and thought for a while.

He said, “LanEr, if youre talking about a trusted doctor, theres Doctor Zhang, who treats your uncle Mingqing.

Hes a good doctor and a good person.

Most importantly, as you said, hes very tight-lipped.

Even if you pry his mouth open, he wont say a word.”

Lin Yuelan thought for a moment.

In her hosts memory, Doctor Zhang, who treated Lin Mingqing, was in his sixties and lived to the west of the Lin family Village.


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