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Doctor Zhang came to Lin Family Village three years ago.

Back then, he had with him a six years old child.

He fainted at the village entrance and was saved by the village chief.

However, no one expected him to be a great doctor.

He had been taking care of Lin Mingqing for the past few years, and his condition had gradually improved.

However, Lin Mingqing had injured his spinal nerve.

Even modern technology could not cure it, not to mention the relatively backward medical standards in ancient times.

In other words, there was no hope for Lin Mingqing to stand again.

Of course, if you were Lin Yuelan, there was always a miracle.

She could easily make Lin Mingqing walk around the village the next day, but it was not yet the time.

Lin Yuelan nodded and said, “Alright then.

Since Grandpa village chief said that Doctor Zhang can be trusted, then Ill have to trouble Grandpa Village Chief to invite Doctor Zhang over.”

Lin Yiwei nodded.

“Alright, Ill go now.” Then, he walked toward the west side of the village.

Jiang Zhennan came back and saw the blood oozing out of Guo Bings body.

His eyes were sharp as he said, “How did you get injured again Do you want to embrace death that much”

Guo Bing felt really wronged.

He just wanted to help.

After Lin Yuelan had set up the tables and chairs in the courtyard, she said to Jiang Zhennan, “In the future, I will pay for your food and accommodation.

When will you compensate me I dont keep freeloaders.”

‘There she goes again. Guo Bing felt a dull pain in his head.

‘Perhaps the minute she stops talking about money, shed die.

Guo Bing immediately replied, “No, miss Lin.

Do you have to bring up money all the time”

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Lin Yuelan grumbled in a bad mood, “Ill say it again.

I saved you guys purely because of Liefengs request.

“But these are completely separate things.

The money for killing the assassins is one part, the money for the pills is another, and now you have to pay for accommodation and food.

Isnt that perfectly fair” Lin Yuelan was so clear and logical that no one could refute her.

Guo Bing was immediately discouraged and stood in a corner to reflect on himself.

If he allowed her to continue plundering him like this, he wouldnt have a single copper coin left for his retirement.


“Oh, right…”

Guo Bing was immediately shocked.

He had some experience now.

Whenever Lin Yuelan began a sentence with something like that, nothing good would happen.

As expected…

“You cant be wearing your current clothes.

I have to buy new clothes for you.

I wont take any extra money from you, so youll only need to pay me the exact amount the new clothes will cost.”


Does that mean she has charged us extra for the other stuff

Guo Bing wanted to stomp his feet and fight with Lin Yuelan again.

However, before he could say anything, Jiang Zhennan said gratefully in a low and hoarse voice, “Then Ill have to trouble miss YueEr for this period of time.

However,” He paused for a moment and said in an embarrassed tone, “I cant give you the money for the time being.

Please rest assured, I will definitely not renege on my promise.”

To be honest, even though he was the defender-general of the state, he had no other income except for his monthly salary of 100 taels.

Therefore, it was impossible for him to take out the three hundred thousand taels immediately.

Guo Bing interrupted, “boss, your monthly salary is only 100 taels.

Where are you going to get so much silver for her Are we going to steal, rob, or embezzle from the military funds”

Jiang Zhennans sharp eyes immediately glared at Guo Bing as he said fiercely, “Shush and move to the side!”

Guo Bing quietly went back to the corner and whispered, “The boss only cares about his girl now.”

Everyone present heard this, and their mouths twitched.

However, Jiang Zhennan ignored Guo Bing.

He said to Lin Yuelan, “Miss YueEr, dont listen to that guy.

Hes just stingy.”

After that, he glanced at the crumbling house and said, “Since theyre here, get them to work.

They are careless, but they take orders well.”


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