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After hearing Jiang Zhennan, Lin Yuelans eyes immediately lit up.

Why didnt she think of this before

The soldiers were perfect for helping her develop the land.

They were all tall and strong.

Moreover, they had a body full of strength.

They would definitely be fast and good at clearing the wasteland.


This was Lin Yuelans plan all along.

Lin Laosans family was forced to give her 30 percent of wet fields and 10 percent of dry fields.

However, they were all sandy and rocky fields.

They were impossible to grow plants on.

Therefore, her plan was to save some money first and then hire people to help her develop the land.

However, she had been so busy picking herbs and befriending animals that she forgot about the land development.

But this timing was perfect.

With so many extra hands, she didnt need to waste money hiring outsiders anymore.

She could ask them to help her develop the land.

Even though she couldnt grow staple crops in the first two years, she could grow other things.

This way, she could save a lot of money.

Lin Yuelans eyes curved into crescent moons.

Jiang Zhennan did not know what he had said to make her so happy.

However, her calculative look was really cute.

“Masked uncle, dont worry.

Ill definitely order them around when they feel better.” Lin Yuelan replied.

She still called him the masked uncle out of habit.

She was already used to that.

Jiang Zhennan once again was hit by the fact that he was quite old compared to Lin Yuelan.

He was indeed an uncle to her.

When Guo Bing heard that Lin Yuelan would order them around in the future, he felt like there was no light in the world.

His intuition told him that his future days would definitely not be good.

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“Boss, how could you sell out your good brothers like that” He sighed.

Lin Yuelan glanced at Guo Bings despondent expression, and the corners of her mouth curled up.

‘This is going to be fun.

Lin Yuelan looked up at the sky.

It was already dark.

Fortunately, it was summer now, and the moon was shining in the sky.

They could make do with sleeping outdoors for the night.

Tomorrow, they would go to town to buy some canvas and make a few tents.

Before the new house was built, they could only live in tents.

However, when she looked at Jiang Zhennan and the others, she sighed.

‘Ill have to use a lot of money to sustain them.

‘I bought 20 stones of rice last time.

I kept 10 stones in the space, and another 10 stones were left outside.

They couldnt fit in the small hut, so I had to build a bamboo house and use it as a temporary warehouse.

‘However, these six men would have huge appetites. Even though Lin Yuelan was young, her appetite was larger than a normal grown mans.

Otherwise, she wouldnt have bought so much rice and stored it in advance.

She had suffered too much during the apocalypse.

As soldiers, Jiang Zhennan and the others appetites were definitely much larger than the average persons.

They would go through the 20 stones of rice so fast.

Then, there were other expenses like the mens clothes and daily necessities…

Just thinking about it made her heart ache.

‘So much money to spend…

Lin Yuelan rubbed her forehead.

‘Forget it.

Im not going to think about it anymore.

Its getting dark.

I shall go to cook first.

Well talk about the money later.

In any case, Lin Yuelan would remember the expenditure, and shed take them back one day.

Lin Yuelan first glared at Jiang Zhennan, then rolled her eyes at Guo Bing.

After that, she went back to the kitchen with some anger on her face.

Jiang Zhennan was a little confused by the glare.

‘She was just fine earlier.

Why did she get angry in the blink of an eye

However, seeing her roll her eyes at Guo Bing, he believed that Guo Bing must have somehow annoyed her again.

Jiang Zhennan glared at Guo Bing before walking into the house.

Guo Bing was even more baffled and felt wronged.


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