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Guo Bing and the others cleaned up the courtyard.

At this moment, a few people were sitting at the table with serious looks on their faces.

They had one hand out.

Doctor Zhang took Jiang Zhennans pulse with one hand and stroked his long, half-white beard with the other.

His brows furrowed even more.

After that, he asked Jiang Zhennan to change his hand to take his pulse again.

However, he became even more confused.

Soon, Doctor Zhang put down his hand and said with some confusion and doubt, “The warriors pulse is very strange.

It seems that he has been poisoned, and the poison has invaded his internal organs.

Logically speaking, the general should be dead by now.”

Guo Bing and the others were surprised by Doctor Zhangs skills.

Half a day ago, their boss was indeed poisoned.

No one expected him to survive.

Then, Doctor Zhang asked suspiciously and carefully, “Is what I said correct, warrior”

Jiang Zhennan did not answer, but Guo Bing interrupted, “Doctor, youre right.

Just two hours ago, our boss was poisoned by the heart-eating poison and almost died.

If it wasnt for…” Then he stopped because this involved Lin Yuelans secret.

He couldnt say it casually.

Guo Bing looked at Lin Yuelan, asking for her permission.

When Doctor Zhang heard this, he was completely shocked.

‘Heart-eating poison This poison is one of the most toxic poisons in the world.

As the name suggests, it specializes in attacking the heart.

The pain is equivalent to stabbing the victims heart with a knife.

For a person who has been stabbed in the heart, even for an immortal, it is impossible to bring the victim back to life.

Please Keep reading 0n MYB0XN0VEL(.)C0M

‘Therefore, the only way to cure the heart-eating poison is to provide the victim with antidote before the poison reaches the heart.

However, the heart-eating poison was made of 36 kinds of poisons, and the antidote also had to be made according to the 36 kinds of poisons used.

‘Therefore, there is basically no cure for this poison.

By the time the doctor figures out the 36 antidotes, the victim would be dead already.

However, he ran into a miracle that day.

By reading the pulse, he knew that the poison had reached Jiang Zhennans heart, but he was sitting before him just fine.

Doctor Zhang stood up excitedly.

He was excited.

His eyes were burning as he asked, “Those who have been poisoned by the heart-eating poison are incurable.

However, this warrior is sitting here perfectly fine.

He must have been saved by someone.

Who is your savior Who is this master of healing Can you tell me”

Uh …

Except for Jiang Zhennan and the confused Lin Yiwei, the other four looked at Lin Yuelan in unison.

However, in order not to let Lin Yiwei and Doctor Zhang notice anything unusual, they quickly looked away.

They showed Lin Yuelan even greater respect.

Before this, they didnt know that the heart-eating poison was incurable.

They had banked all hope on Doctor Wu Yazi to cure it, but the young woman had given their boss the antidote without a second thought.

She kept on mentioning how expensive the medicine was but she had already healed them without even seeing a single copper coin.

The four of them had been seriously injured too.

However, at this moment, other than being a little weak, they did not feel any discomfort at all.

The young woman had given them priceless medicine without any hesitation.

She demanded ten thousand taels from them, but she had to know that they wouldnt have earned that much money even if they worked their whole life with their current salary.

Perhaps she only said those things because she didnt want them to feel indebted to her.


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