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Thankfully, Lin Yuelan did transmigrate with a golden finger, and that was better than nothing.

Little Green and the space had followed her.

Her life force had also combined with the nine other common Awakened abilities.

Of course, the others had no idea what Lin Yuelan was thinking.

They saw Lin Yuelan nod at Doctor Zhang with a serious face, indicating that she agreed.

Doctor Zhang took the others pulse.

Other than the loss of blood, and weak pulses, there were no major problems.

Doctor Zhang gave them a few prescriptions for nourishing blood and Qi.

Then, he asked Lin Yuelan to follow him to his house to get some medicinal herbs.

There were some medicinal herbs that he didnt have at home and needed to buy from the medicine shop in town.

That night, Doctor Zhang and Lin Yiwei had dinner in front of Lin Yuelans courtyard.

Although there were only braised rabbits, everyone enjoyed the meal.

Because there were many people, Lin Yuelan had also prepared a large pot of scrambled eggs with Bucktooth.

Perhaps it was the first time these people had tasted this wild vegetable.

Everyone showed such great interest in the wild vegetable that no one really even touched the braised rabbit.

However, that was not the case at first.

On the contrary, when the two dishes were first served, everyone moved to grab the delicious braised rabbit meat first.

Only two people tried the bucktooth.

One was Jiang Zhennan, and the other was Lin Yuelan.

When everyone was fighting for the rabbit meat, Jiang Zhennan was assaulted by the smell of the wild vegetable.

It was very fragrant and very appetizing.

He chose the vegetable dish first.

After all, he had never tried it before.

He was curious.

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Lin Yuelan didnt get to eat meat during the apocalypse, so she had been gorging herself on meat since she arrived here.

For the past few days, she had been eating rabbit and pheasant meat nonstop.

She decided to have vegetables that day.

After Jiang Zhennan ate the bucktooth, even though he didnt comment on anything, the speed he moved his chopsticks definitely became faster.

Guo Bing took a bite of the rabbit meat.

The rabbit was delicious, but he noticed how strange his boss was acting.

He asked, “Boss, dont you like to eat meat the most When did you become a vegetarian” Then, he moved to pick the bucktooth.

He studied the unknown vegetable and asked suspiciously, “What kind of vegetables are these Is it good” He put the vegetable in his mouth.

After all, that was the fastest way to find out.

Guo Bings eyes immediately lit up, and he exclaimed, “this dish is really delicious.

The texture is crisp and tender, and the taste is delicious.

With the fragrance of the egg, its really a delicacy!” Then, he put down his chopsticks and grumbled, “Boss, youre really unkind.

How can you not tell us about this delicacy”

Jiang Zhennan didnt even look at Guo Bing.

His chopsticks moved like lightning.

The others were fighting to eat the rabbit meat.

After all, the meat was delicious.

It was fat but not greasy.

Lin Yuelan was a master chef because the appearance of the rabbit meat was really appetizing.

Lin Yuelans secret was actually sugar and soy sauce, seasonings that the people of this era still didnt know how to use well in cooking.

Salt and sugar were very expensive in this era.

No farmer would use them in cooking.

It was why not many farming families knew how to cook with them.

Lin Yuelan stored the sugar and soy sauce in her space too.

This world still didnt have soy sauce.

Perhaps she could help with that…

She had never made soy sauce before.

However, she knew from the internet that soy sauce was made from soybeans.


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