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Therefore, she planned to buy some soybeans and test them a few times to see if they could be used to make soy sauce.

She had soy sauce in her space, but shed run out eventually.

As for white sugar, it was both simple and difficult.

The simple was the production method.

The difficult part was the raw materials, which were either sweet potatoes, sugar cane, or sweet beets.

In ancient times, the farmers mainly grew grain, such as rice, wheat, and sorghum.

After paying the rice tax, most of the rice would be turned into the fine grain and sold.

Then, the families would eat the coarse grains.

Not many farmers grew sugar cane and beets because they had no production value.

They couldnt be sold for money.

Therefore, if Lin Yuelan wanted to source white sugar, she had to solve this issue first.

Regardless, she had to take this step by step.

She shouldnt take more than what she could chew.

“What vegetable is this Its so delicious!” Guo Bing complimented.

Jiang Zhennan said, “this is a wild vegetable from the roadside.

Its called Bucktooth! Moreover, this kind of wild vegetable can be found everywhere.

“What Is this a wild vegetable” Guo Bing exclaimed.

The soldiers often dug up wild vegetables to eat, so why had they never eaten this kind of wild vegetable before Then again, they were men who didnt know how to cook.

It was normal for them not to recognize the stuff that they ate on the battlefield.

“Oh, by the way, boss, how did you know that this wild vegetable is called Bucktooth Boss, could it be that youve eaten this before” Guo Bing was a little puzzled and said, “Thats impossible.

We often went to dig for wild vegetables, but we never heard you mention this bucktooth before.”

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Jiang Zhennan lowered his head and ate his food seriously.

He said, “Its Miss YueEr who told me about it.”

Guo Bing immediately looked at Lin Yuelan in surprise and gave her a thumbs up.

He exclaimed, “Miss Lin, youre amazing!”

At that moment, a pair of chopsticks flew over and swiped the bucktooth away from his plate.

“Hey, Little Six! How dare you snatch the food from my plate” Guo Bing was puzzled.

He shouted, “Wheres the respect for your senior”

Little Six hurriedly put the vegetable into his mouth.

As he chewed, he said, “this vegetable is really delicious!” He just ignored Guo Bings impudent words.

Guo Bing was so angry that he glared at the boy, who was usually simple and honest.

He did not expect Little Six to snatch the food from him.

He was really angry.

Guo Bing decided to find some time to teach Little Six a lesson in the future.

The narrow-minded Guo Bing wrestled Little Six to the ground every day after that.

That was histraining.

The snatching of vegetables continued…

Jiang Zhennan appeared well-mannered, but in reality, his chopsticks were moving faster than anyone elses.

He was always one step ahead of everyone else.

“Hey, boss, youre being too unkind,” Guo Bing said as he ate.

He was dissatisfied with Jiang Zhennan.

“How can you snatch everything Shouldnt you leave some for me”

Lin Yiwei and Doctor Zhang were two elderly people, but they were as fast as the youngsters at the dining table.

They praised Lin Yuelan.

“LanEr, when did you find out that this coarse grass can be eaten”

The villagers called bucktooth coarse grass because its leaves were flat and coarse.

One of them worked in the fields, and the other picked herbs in the mountains every day.

Of course, they recognized the wild vegetable at a glance.

However, it was called coarse grass to them.

They had seen coarse grass growing beside ditches.

They had no idea it was edible!

After all, the villagers used them as feed for the livestock.

“It was three years ago.” Lin Yuelan said indifferently, “I was young, and I didnt know how to farm or grow vegetables.

I didnt have money or food either.

In order to survive, I had to dig up some wild vegetables in the field to fill my stomach.”


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