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Lin Yuelan wanted to bite off her own tongue.

Did she just give Jiang Zhennan permission to hold her hands Thankfully, Jiang Zhennan wasnt a slick man.

He didnt say things like, “Then, we should always hold hands from now on.

After all, were friends.”

Jiang Zhennan took back his mask.

Then, under the bright silver moonlight, the large and small shadow headed in the direction of home.

When Jiang Zhennan and Lin Yuelan returned home together, Guo Bing, little three, little six, and little twelve clicked their tongues twice.

Then, they did nothing as if they were already used to seeing this.

However, this was only their second time meeting Miss Lin.

Their boss had been sucked in deeply already.

Lin Yuelan glanced at the withered grass in the courtyard.

She frowned slightly but soon let go.

Tonight, they could only make do with it.

They had to make a trip to town the next day.

Lin Yuelan glanced at the five men and then saw little twelve, who was leaning against the wall.

She pointed at him and said, “You will come to town with me tomorrow morning.

The rest of you will go up the mountain and hunt.

“Miss YueEr, Ill go with you.” Jiang Zhennan was a little uncomfortable with the fact that little twelve was accompanying Lin Yuelan to town.

Therefore, his mouth moved faster than his heart.

Lin Yuelan immediately said, “No!” Jiang Zhennan definitely could not go to town.

He was too eye-catching.

Ning An Town was just an unremarkable and poor little town in a remote corner.

However, the gossip mill was a strong device.

Jiang Zhennan, with his tall figure, silver armor, and mask, would leave a deep impression.

Plus, it was not hard for people to relate him to the legendary War God, the defender-general of the country.

If this news spread, the people of the capital would soon be notified.

Therefore, Lin Yuelan had to reject Jiang Zhennan.

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Jiang Zhennan looked at Lin Yuelan with a little grievance.

However, Lin Yuelan did not look at him.

She glared at little twelve.

Little Twelve was feeling innocent too.

He would rather go hunting in the mountains with others than go to town with Lin Yuelan.

However, he knew that he had no right to refuse.

The next day, Lin Yuelan brought little twelve to town.

In the past two months, Lin Yuelan had only gone to town once to buy some daily necessities.

In other words, Lin Yuelan had only been to Xing An Town twice since she transmigrated.

The first time was to sell the tiger and the second time was to buy some daily necessities.

This was the third time.

Little Twelve was puzzled because all the way from Lin Yuelans home to the village entrance, the villagers looked at them like they were ghosts.

They were so frightened that they hid far away.

Little twelve touched the back of his head and asked in confusion, “Miss Lin, am I that scary Why do those people hide far away when they see me”

Although little twelve was only 14 to 15 years old, he was as tall as 1.78 m.

Although he was simple and honest, he also looked a bit rough from his experience on the battlefield.

Normal people would be afraid of him.

At least that was what he thought.

He had no idea that the real reason the villagers were acting like this was because of Lin Yuelan.

He then saw a sarcastic smile on Lin Yuelans face.

She said in a cold voice, “Theyre not afraid of you.

Theyre avoiding me.”

This had been the situation since Lin Yuelan forced Li Cuihua and the other thieves to spend the night on Mount Da Ao.

Now, when the villagers saw her, they would run away like she was the plague.

But this was a good thing.

At least she had a peaceful life.

Little twelve didnt understand Lin Yuelans words.

But he trusted her implicitly.

Since she didnt elaborate, he didnt press either.

However, he had a feeling that this was related to the incident the village chief mentioned that had happened three years ago.


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