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When Lin Yuelan saw the mans face, she burst out laughing.

She was not the only one.

When little twelve and the people around him saw the mens faces, they also laughed.

Their faces had the mark left behind by Lin Yuelan with the special paint two months ago.

It said, “Im a robber!”

Of course, most of the people were illiterate, but that didnt mean that the words on the mens faces would disappear.

Therefore, most people found this to be very funny.

“What are you laughing at” the chubby man glared at the people around him and said fiercely, “laugh again, and Ill tear your mouths off!”

This man was known to all the townspeople and those who had been to town.

This man was the number one hooligan in Ning An town.

He was the self-proclaimed king.

Apparently, he had a powerful backer.

It was said that he had a younger sister who married the county Magistrate as a concubine, so even the mayor of Ning An Town had to give him face.

After scolding the people around him, he glared at Lin Yuelan and continued to curse, “you wretched girl, youve made me wait for two months.

Youve finally appeared.

Ill skin you this time.

If not, my name is not Wang Bapi!”

Lin Yuelan giggled again when she heard the mans name.

Wang Bapi translated to Dummy in the future.

The name was too funny.

“Wretched girl, what are you laughing at” Wang Bapi roared.

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Lin Yuelan spread out her hands and said innocently, “Erm… Young master Wang, I have no grudges with you.

Why do you want me to die”

Wang Bapi pointed at his face and said loudly, “Girl, look at my face.

Dont you remember what you did Stop quibbling with me.

Im telling you, if you dont kneel down and kowtow to me a hundred times today, dont even think about leaving Ning An town!”

Lin Yuelan sneered at Wang Bapi, then said with a serious expression, “young master Wang Bapi, is there something on your face What does it say”

“Im a robber!” A thin boy beside Wang Bapi shouted.

That was because he also had the statement, Im a robber written on his face.

Someone choked on his own saliva.

“Cough cough…”

Lin Yuelan nodded and said, “Oh, so young master Wang is a robber.

But…” Lin Yuelan asked innocently, “Do you have to announce that in public Arent you afraid that youd be dragged to the court”

Wang Bapi was so angry that he slapped the skinny kid beside him and scolded loudly, “who told you to say that Now everyone knows we are robbers.”

Lin Yuelan, “…” Are these people blind Do they not see the crowd around them Is it really okay for them to say theyre robbers so openly

However, Wang Bapi immediately reacted and said, “No.

Damn girl, I almost fell for your trick again.” He was almosttricked into admitting that he was a robber in public.

Wang Bapi pointed at Lin yuelan angrily and said, “wretched girl, youre the real robber.

You stole my money and even wrote on my face.

Do you think Ill let you off so easily”

When Lin Yuelan heard this, she suddenly said sternly, “Young master Wang, you said that I stole your money and even wrote on your face.

Do you have any evidence Although I am an orphan with no one to rely on, I wont let others bully me as they please.”

If they were in the modern world, there might still be surveillance footage, but there was no such thing in ancient times.

Furthermore, back then, Lin Yuelan purposely dealt with them in the alley where no one was angry.

Hearing Lin Yuelan, Wang Bapi was so furious he almost vomited blood.


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