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Jiang Zhennan, Guo Bing, and the rest were filled with disgust and anger when they heard the woman claimed to be Lin Yuelans former grandmother.

Guo Bing said to Li Cuihua with a fierce expression, “get out of the way.

Do you know how stinky you are Your body stinks, and your mouth stinks even more!” If they werent at Lin Family village and killing someone would bring trouble to Miss Lin, he would have drawn his blade to kill this stinky old woman already.

Li Cuihua turned pale.

She said in disbelief, “Are you calling me smelly”

Guo Bing said in disgust, “You are holding a ** bucket and standing in our way.

Are you trying to kill us with the stinkiness”

Guo Bing couldnt win an argument against Lin Yuelan, but he could win others easily.

Even Li Cuihua, who was very good at acting shamelessly in the village, was scolded until her face turned green and red.

Li Cuihua dared to block the men because the village chief had kept them and did not drive them away.

This meant that the men wouldnt do anything to harm the villagers.

The villagers had always been repulsed by outsiders, especially those who looked fierce.

Jiang Zhennan and his men definitely fitted the bill.

They held big knives and had fierce faces.

The villagers were afraid of them even if they just looked at them.

Plus, they were brought in by Lin Yuelan.

Some of the villagers couldnt stand this.

Lin Yuelan was fast growing out of their control.

They were unhappy and wanted to hinder her, especially Li Cuihua.

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Li Cuihua and Lin Yuelan seemed to be at odds with each other.

Whenever Lin Yuelan did well, Li Cuihua would feel bad.

Therefore, the only way for her to feel good was to make sure Lin Yuelan suffered.

Jiang Zhennan and the other five men were brought back by Lin Yuelan.

They were definitely going to help Lin Yuelan.

Her life would get better and better.

How could Li Cuihua allow that

Therefore, early in the morning, she watched their movements from a distance.

When she saw Lin Yuelan heading towards the village entrance, she was delighted.

When Lin Yuelan wasnt around, she would sow discord between Lin Yuelan and the four men.

Then, they would hate Lin Yuelan and leave her.

That wretched girl would return to being alone.

How great would that be

It was a pity that Li Cuihua didnt understand how Lin Yuelan and Jiang Zhennan had met each other, nor did she know Jiang Zhennans identity.

Therefore, she basically asked for an insult when she slandered Lin Yuelan before them.

Li Cuihua wanted to scold back, but when she saw Guo Bing and the others fierce expressions and fierce and unkind eyes, she immediately returned to her senses.

She was so scared that her face turned white, and her eyes were suddenly filled with fear and uneasiness.

She moved to the side, making way for them.

When Guo Bing, little three, and little six passed by Li Cuihua, they still glared at her with anger in their eyes.

Li Cuihua was so frightened that she immediately lowered her head and shrank to the side.

“I really didnt expect that Miss Lin would have such a tragic past.” After walking a few steps, Little Six looked at the small path in front of him and sighed.

They thought when Lin Yuelan said her parents didnt want her, she meant that she had been abandoned because she was a girl.

However, from what Li Cuihua said, Miss Lin had actually been kicked out of her family three years ago because a Taoist priest said that she would curse her husband.

Because of this, miss Lin was loathed and despised by the Lin family villagers.

She was even bullied.

Three years ago, Lin Yuelan was just a nine-year-old girl.

Besides a small thatched house that could slightly shelter her from the wind and rain, she had almost nothing.

She had no food and no money.

At the time, she really had to eat the wild grass by the roadside.

“Miss Lin has such a hard life,” Little three agreed.


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