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Guo Bings expression was serious, and his eyes were dark.

He started to understand why Lin Yuelan was so obsessed with money.

This was because she grew up without money and food.

Guo Bing said pitifully and sympathetically, “I have no idea Miss Lin is a jinx.

She was chased out of the family when she was young and was bullied by her so-called relatives.

Its really sad.”

Jiang Zhennan walked in front and didnt say anything.

However, from his clenched fists, one could tell how much anger he was suppressing.

He used great willpower to control his emotions and not lose his temper at a shameless person like Li Cuihua.

When he thought of the vicious words he had just heard from Li Cuihuas mouth, anger welled up in his chest.

He was extremely angry.


“What right do you have to scold Lady YueEr like this”

Facing Jiang Zhennan, Li Cuihua suddenly felt afraid.

However, she immediately mustered up her courage and said, “I used to be that wretched girls grandmother.

That damned jinx causes my family to be miserable.

Why doesnt she die Her existence is a scourge!”

“Youre the scourge!” Guo Bing suddenly roared at Li Cuihua in anger.

How could there be such a vicious grandmother in this world She not only cursed her own granddaughter but she also went around actively ruining the girls reputation.

She was really inhuman.

Li Cuihua was shocked by Guo Bings roar and suddenly took a few steps back.

Her face was also filled with fear and panic.

However, she hadnt achieved her goal, so how could she leave so easily

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Li Cuihuas eyes darted about, and her previous arrogance and shrewdness were gone.

Then, she said to Guo Bing a little carefully, “Warriors, one look, and I can tell that you are tricked here by that wretched girl.

You dont know the truth about her, so Im doing this for your own good.”

Guo Bing pretended to be curious and asked, “May I know what you mean, Auntie”

Li Cuihua thought that they were hooked, so she immediately said excitedly, “To be honest with you, that girl was born to jinx us.

Our Lin family has been unlucky for eight generations to have such a jinx.

“Ever since that girl was born, our Lin family has been through all kinds of misfortunes.

It caused our familys Dazong to fail the Imperial scholar examination.

Also, my second daughter-in-law gave birth to two worthless daughters.

And my fourth son couldnt find a wife for so long…

“All along, it was the jinx who had been cursing us.

“If not for a Taoist priest who pointed her identity out three years ago, my family would be in a worse state today…”

As Li Cuihua grumbled about Lin Yuelans faults, Jiang Zhennan and the others brows furrowed tighter and tighter.

Li Cuihua continued, “You guys dont know this, but three years ago, this wretched girl harmed the son of the village chiefs family, Lin Mingqing.

His title was revoked, and his marriage was annulled too.

Hes now lying in bed all day, needing his parents to take care of him.

Tsk tsk, luckily, my family has chased the jinx out, or else wed suffer the same fate as Lin Mingqing.”

Guo Bing frowned slightly and asked, “Was the village chiefs son an elementary scholar three years ago”

From the village chiefs attitude towards Lin Yuelan last night, it was obvious that he didnt hold any grudges against her.

If this matter were really caused by Lin Yuelan, no matter how magnanimous a person was, he wouldnt be able to act as if nothing had happened.

Therefore, there must be a different story behind this.

Jiang Zhennan suddenly asked sharply, “What did the village chiefs son do for lady YueEr to end up like this”

Li Cuihua was immediately enraged.

“Its because Lin Mingqing was so nosy and stopped us from executing the jinx! They deserve that they got!”

When the few of them heard Li Cuihuas words, their pupils suddenly shrank.

Executing the jinx

For real!



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