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Zhou Wencai choked.

Indeed, he was the one being the busybody.


Zhou Wencai was immediately displeased.

He said, “Hey, young lady, how can you be like this No matter what, its a fact that Ive dealt with Wang Bapi for you.

Since thats the case, its not too much for you to thank me, right”

Lin Yuelan nodded and said, “Alright.

Thank you, young master Zhou for helping me out.

Im busy.

Can I leave now”

Zhou Wencao immediately felt stumped.

‘Is she immune to my suave charm Why else would her eyes not light up when such a handsome young man comes to her rescue Why doesnt she throw herself at me like any other woman This is not the ending I expected after saving the damsel in distress.

Has my charm failed

Zhou Wencai winked at the women around him again.

However, looking at the red and shy faces of the girls proved that his charm had not declined.

Since it wasnt his problem, it meant that there was something wrong with this womans taste.

“Miss, didnt you notice” Zhou Wencai looked at Lin Yuelan and said, without rhyme or reason.

Lin Yuelan was stunned.

She was confused.

She asked, “What do you mean”

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“Didnt you notice that the person in front of you is a handsome, suave, and dignified man” Zhou Wencai said in a narcissistic manner, “Why would you want to leave in such a hurry Arent you going to give yourself to me Do you know how many women are clamoring to marry me”

Lin Yuelan rolled her eyes speechlessly.

‘This narcissist.

Lin Yuelan immediately said sternly, “young master Zhou, please be careful with your words! If a girl really begs you to marry her and you refuse, do you know how damaged that girls reputation will become Do you plan for her to be a nun for the rest of her life because of that So please be careful with your words, young master Zhou!

“As for me, havent you heard the rumors I am a jinx who will curse my husband.

Even if I dare to marry you, will you dare to accept me”

The question was sharp, and it caused Zhou Wencai to blurt out, “Of course not!” He still wanted to enjoy life, so, of course, he wouldnt marry a jinx who would curse her husband.

Much later, when Zhou Wencai thought back to this encounter, he wondered if his life would change if he had said,he dares.

Would he be given a chance to pursue her then However, there was no rewind in the world.

He had missed on his chance.

He could only live with his regrets.

Lin Yuelan chuckled, “Since thats the case, why should I say anything Young master Zhou, I will take my leave!”

She didnt intend to marry Zhou Wencai anyway.

She didnt like his narcissism and his self-belief that he was the most handsome man in the world.

Lin Yuelan took little twelve and left.

Zhou Wencai and Liu Qi were left looking at each other.

Zhou Wencai asked with a confused expression, “Brother Liu, what does she mean”

Liu Qi had a look of sympathy on his face as he patted Zhou Wencais shoulder and said, “Brother Zhou, youve just been rejected.

You have my sympathy!”

Lin Yuelan didnt say a single word of disdain, but her meaning was clear.

She didnt need Zhou Wencais help.

Liu Qi noticed that Lin Yuelan had no intention of currying favor with Zhou Wencai after learning of his identity.

This showed her great character.

She didnt suck up to Zhou Wencai.

On the contrary, through her conversation with Zhou Wencai, she held herself as his equal.

She was meant for great things in life unless, of course, she was content being a small farmer.

Or else shed eventually move the world!

Therefore, Liu Qi had made up his mind to befriend Lin Yuelan.

Zhou Wencai became even more curious about Lin Yuelan.

He looked in her direction and said to Liu Qi, “brother Liu, I say, is this woman really a jinx”

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Liu Qi shook his head and said, “I dont know.

No one really knows.

However, I know that she doesnt like me in that manner, so I dont have to worry that she will jinx me.”

When Zhou Wencai heard that, he scoffed and said, “Youre speaking as if shed jinx me.

I wont really want her to marry me anyway.

I was just joking with her.

Who would have thought shed take it so seriously and lectured me about it”

Lin Yuelan was not wrong, but Young master Zhou still felt uncomfortable.

He had lost some of his face after being scolded by Lin yuelan.

Liu Qi agreed with Lin Yuelan.

He said to Zhou Wen in a sincere and earnest manner, “Brother Zhou, its not that I want to criticize you, but I think you better dont go around teasing young misses anymore.

After all, this is related to a girls reputation and integrity.

One day, you might cause a girl to lose her life over this.”

Zhou Wencai remained silent.

Lin Yuelan brought little twelve to a cloth shop.

As soon as she arrived at the shop, she shouted, “shopkeeper, do you have canvas”

When the shopkeeper saw that it was Lin Yuelan, he immediately said in horror, “You are Lin Yuelan from the Lin family Village, arent you”

Basically, everyone in town knew Lin Yuelan.

The first reason was that Lin Yuelan had brought a tiger to the town.

It was simply too shocking.

The second reason was that the people at Lin Family Village had been doing a lot of promotions for her.

There were many taboos for businesses in the ancient era.

One, they didnt like widows and widowers.

Two, they didnt like orphans.

Three, they didnt like people with bad reputations, like prostitutes, jinxes, and so on.

They believed these people brought bad luck to their businesses.

Therefore, the shopkeepers would kick these people out even if their shops were open for business.

Lin Yuelan nodded and said, “Thats right!”

The shop owners expression immediately changed, and he shrieked at Lin Yuelan, “Get out! Xiangyun Ge doesnt welcome you!”


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