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Li Huaisheng said to the assistant, “Xiao Li, from now on, miss Lin will be our boss!”

The assistant immediately bowed and greeted respectfully, “boss!”

Lin Yuelan told Xiao Li in a serious tone, “brother Xiao Li, as long as you do your best, I wont mistreat you.

However, if you betray me, trust me, the consequences will be something you wont want to see!”

Xiao Li was an honest person.

He made a serious oath like Li Huaisheng.

“Boss, I, Li Xiaoman, swear that Ill be absolutely loyal to you.

If I go against my oath, then I, Li Xiaoman, will die a terrible death!” When there was no better guarantee than a death oath.

Lin Yuelan nodded and said, “Alright.

I wont hire people I doubt anyway.

I hope youll remember your oaths today.”

“Dont worry, boss!” The two of them immediately promised.

Then, Li Huaisheng thought of something.

He walked into an inner room.

When he came out, he took out an iron box.

He carefully opened the metal box and took out the item inside.

He said to Lin Yuelan, “miss Lin, this is the deed to my shop.

Please accept it!” Since she had bought the shop, the item should be hers.

After Lin Yuelan accepted the dead, Li Huaisheng solemnly bowed to Lin Yuelan and called out in a serious and respectful manner, “Boss!”

Lin Yuelan said, “Manager Li, please continue calling me Miss Lin.

Also, I need you to keep the issue of the shop ownership transference a secret for now.

To the public, youre still the owner.

Do you understand”

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She didnt want to make a big commotion.

First, she had no foundation and no power.

Second, she had not completely cut off her relationship with Lin Laosans family.

As Jiang Zhennan had said, after a while, when the Emperor promulgated the revision of the “law of filial piety,” she would do that.

Third, due to her age, she needed a front.

Therefore, it was not appropriate to reveal this matter too early.

Li Huaisheng thought about it and he understood Lin Yuelans concerns.

He promised, “boss, dont worry.

Before you agree, Ill definitely keep my mouth shut!”

The assistant wasnt that smart, but since his boss told him to keep mum, he would do as he was told.

Li Xiaoman also said in a serious and cautious manner, “boss, please rest assured.

Like the shopkeeper, I will definitely keep my mouth shut!”

The deal was completed.

Then, Lin Yuelan said directly, “uncle Li, put up a sign and make an announcement that the shop needs to be renovated and designed.

We need to close the shop temporarily.

We will reopen in a month!”

However, Li Huaisheng had some doubts.

He said a little worriedly, “boss, this shops business isnt good, to begin with.

If we close for so long, Im worried…” The business would be worse.

Lin Yuelan waved her hand and asked sharply, “uncle Li, do you think wed have any business even if we keep the shop open How long will the shop last”

Li Huaisheng said with some hesitation, “this …”

Lin Yuelan continued, “Resting is to prepare for a further journey.

This shops layout was old, and there were no new fabrics.

The ready-made styles are old.

Who would buy them People are always after new styles and new clothes in the world of fashion.

“This is why I gave you money to renovate and decorate the place.

As for the source of the new fabrics and materials, Uncle Li, with your 30 years of network, it should be easy for you, right”

Li Huaishengs eyes immediately lit up, and he said with a slightly excited expression, “boss, youre right.

What you said makes sense.

Jinyun Ge cant compete with Xiangyun Ge now because they have stolen my designers and blocked my import channel.

Its why Jinyun Ges business has been failing.



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