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Li Huaisheng said worriedly, “But boss, the designers in town have been hired by Xiangyun Ge.

Those who were unwilling to leave us were threatened.

Where are we going to find a designer”

His import channel had been cut off by Xiangyun Ge, but that was business.

As long as he had money, his import channel would come back alive.

Therefore, there was no issue with restocking.

The issue was finding a designer.

People with such skills were either invited to Xiangyun Ge or chased out of town.

Lin Yuelan smiled at Li Huaisheng and said, “Uncle Li, dont worry.

Leave everything to me! Three days later, Ill come back with the renovation design and the ready-made clothing designs.

“So, within these three days, you have to do two things.

One is to restart the import channel, and the other is to hire some skilled tailors.

When the designs are out three days later, they need to rush to work as soon as possible.

“When the shop reopens in a month, everyone will be shocked!” Lin Yuelan was very confident when she said the last sentence.

She was a clothing designer before the apocalypse.

She knew what she was doing.

Li Huaisheng was a little suspicious.

After all, Lin Yuelan was just a young woman.

How could she know how to design clothes However, when he saw Lin Yuelans determined and confident expression, he suppressed his doubts and replied, “yes, boss!”

“As for the future business model, I will submit a plan to you within this month.

So, you need to be prepared.

“Of course.”

“Oh, by the way, uncle Li, you said your wife is sick.

What sickness is it Is it serious” Lin Yuelan was concerned about Li Huaishengs wifes condition.

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Li Huaisheng shook his head and said with a choked voice, “the doctors in the town cant diagnose it.

My wife is getting thinner, and shes always sleepy.

Her memory is also getting weaker and weaker.

Sometimes, she cant even remember me.”

Lin Yuelan believed Uncle Lis wife had suffered from Alzheimers disease.

Such an illness was not easy to treat even in modern times, much less in ancient times.

However, she had a way to cure Mrs.


Of course, she had to learn medicine first.

After learning medicine, she could cover up the fact that she used her special ability.

Lin Yuelan nodded and said, “Uncle Li, I know a highly skilled doctor.

Ill ask him to take a look at Madam Li.”

Li Huaisheng was very touched.

He thanked Lin Yuelan with snot and tears in his eyes.

When Lin Yuelan and little twelve left the Jinyun Ge, little twelve still hadnt come back to his senses.

He was still in a daze.

Little twelve carried two or three big bags of things and stood in front of the Jinyun Ge.

He asked in a daze, “miss Lin, so youre the owner of this shop now”

‘Was Miss Lin still a human Perhaps as boss said, she is a fairy. He felt that miss Lin was really amazing.

At such a young age, she actually knew so much.

She was even proficient in the ways of business and planned everything in an orderly manner.

After leaving Jinyun Ge, Lin Yuelan looked up at the sky.

It was noon, and it was time for lunch.

Little twelve, the foodie, immediately became more energetic when he heard that they were about to have lunch.

Carrying a few bags, he followed behind Lin yuelan.

Lin Yuelan walked to the largest restaurant in Ning An town, Yuelai Inn.

Then, she waved at little twelve and said, “come, little twelve, big sister will treat you to a good meal today!”

Little twelves mouth twitched when he heard that.

Lin Yuelan was not taller or bigger than he was, so why was she referring to herself as his big brother

Little Twelve looked at the three-story Yuelai Inn and said happily, “thank you, miss Lin!”

They had not had a proper meal since they were chased out of the capital.

When Lin Yuelan entered Yuelai Inn with little twelve, there were many evil stares.

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