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Since everyone was eating, Little Twelve followed suit.

Little Twelve was fascinated by Lin Yuelans cooking.

He assumed everyones cooking in this corner of the country was the same.

Therefore, when he picked up a piece of wild rabbit meat and put it into his mouth, his face wrinkled.

He looked at Liu Qi with some doubt and asked, “Is this the best dish in your restaurant”

Liu Qi was a little confused, but he still nodded and said, “yes, this red braised rabbit meat is the chefs specialty.

The rabbit meat is tender and chewy, and the customers like it very much.

Liu Qi didnt know little twelves identity, but since he was following Lin Yuelan, he was still polite to him.

Then, Liu Qis face darkened.

Little twelve said rudely, “Bull**.

Is this your masters specialty This is simply inedible.

Liu Qis face was so dark that ink could drip out of it.

If it wasnt for his good upbringing, he might have immediately chased him out.

He had treated them to a meal but they were still so picky.

Not only did he not thank him, but he even judged the master chef so rudely.

That was equivalent to insulting the delicacies of Yuelai Inn.

Liu Qi looked at little twelve, who picked up another piece of fish with his chopsticks.

He gritted his teeth and asked, “If this rabbit doesnt taste good, who can make a better rabbit dish Can you tell me”

“Of course, the rabbit meat that miss Lin makes is the best.

Actually, Miss Lin can make some very delicious vegetables too.

They are finger-licking good,” little twelve said without any hesitation.


When Lin Yuelan heard little twelve, she wanted to run and hide.

She wondered if it was a mistake to bring Little twelve with her.

She should have brought little six, who was known for his reticence.

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Once Little Twelve said something, he would bring Lin Yuelan trouble.

As she expected, Liu Qi and Zhou Wencais eyes immediately lit up as they looked at Lin Yuelan in disbelief.

Although they were a little suspicious of little twelves words, they believed that this boy would never lie.

Liu Qis eyes glowed.

He was a businessman, and hed always see profit.

He first turned to little twelve and asked politely, “brother, how should I address you”

Little twelve chewed on a fried chicken leg and replied, “you can call me little twelve.” That was how everyone called him since he joined the army.

Liu Qi and Zhou Wencai were slightly surprised.

What kind of name was that

However, Liu Qi didnt think too much about it.

Instead, he asked curiously and interestedly, “this … Brother Twelve, you said that miss Lin is very good at cooking.

Is it true”

“Of course.

Miss Lins cooking skills are superb.” Little Twelve elaborated as he munched on the chicken leg.

“And miss Lins dishes are not only delicious, but the most important thing is they are also very appetizing to look at.

For example, yesterday night, we had braised rabbit.

The rabbit meat was red and had a translucent skin.

The taste is really tender and smooth.

The meat is fat but not greasy, thin but not dry.

Its fragrant when it enters the mouth.

Compare it to your rabbit.

Its so pale and unappetizing.

Its so chewy that its like eating dry wood.

The meat has no texture at all.”

The more they listened to little twelves description, the more Zhou Wencai and Liu Qi wanted to drool.

They had never heard of a rabbit dish that could have a translucent skin.

They really wanted to see it and taste it for themselves.

Before Liu Qi could say anything, Zhou Wencai began impatiently, “miss Lin, little twelve says that youre very good at cooking.

Its making brother Liu and I drool.

Can you make some dishes for us and let us have a taste”

Then Liu Qi added, “Dont worry, miss Lin.

Theres everything in the kitchen.

You can use it without worry!”

Lin Yuelan, “…” When did she agree Why did they make the decision on her behalf

Then, she thought about it.

She had made an impromptu purchase of a clothing shop.

Plus, she had bought many daily necessities and clothes to accommodate the arrival of Jiang Zhennan and his men.

The money she had earned from the sale of the tiger and from plundering Wang Bapi was almost gone.


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