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“Damn old man.

Im going to kill you!” Zhou Erniang suddenly stood up and started punching Lin Yiwei.”Who told you to be a busybody Who told you to care about the jinx Now, she has cursed our son to his death.

Are you happy now”

Zhou Erniang had great resentment towards Lin Yuelan.

“So what if that wretched girl dies If shes dead, the entire Lin family Village will be at ease.

We wont have to worry about her jinxing us to death.

You, on the other hand, wanted to save the jinx.

But why did you bring my son into this Bring me back my son!”

Lin Yiwei also blamed himself.

He also believed that if he hadnt pulled his youngest son to interfere in the matter between Lin Laosans family and Lin Yuelan, his QingEr would have been a provincial scholar by now.

Lin Yuelan had been saved, but his QingEr died.

He was also very remorseful and guilty that he had not noticed his youngest sons intention to commit suicide.

If hed noticed earlier, he wouldve kept a close eye on him 24 hours a day.

If he had stayed by QingErs side all the time, he wouldnt have had the chance to commit suicide.

Lin Yiwei felt the pain of losing his son.

He felt that intense sorrow that was worse than death.

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The whole family was immersed in the shock of Lin Mingqings suicide that no one checked if he was still alive.

Lin Mingqings head was spinning, and he could hear his father, mother, and brothers sorrowful cries from far away.

Lin Mingqing was shocked.

Then, he suddenly had a strong will to live!

He had thought that his death would free his family.

However, he finally understood.

It would not do that.

If he died, this family would always be shrouded in pain.

His father and mother would be depressed because they would lose their son.

His brother and sister-in-law would be in pain because they lost their younger brother.

He didnt want to be a bad example to his two nephews.

He didnt want to die.

He had imagined all the pain.

He thought that hed be released once he died.

However, he was wrong.

He might see himself as a burden but his family would only be happy with him around.

So why did he choose to die

Would the burden be gone after he died Of course not.

His death would add pain and resentment to his family.

He would hate to add those extra burdens on his family.

He didnt want his family to be in pain because of him.

Lin Mingqing didnt want that to happen.

Therefore, he didnt want to die anymore.

He wanted to live.

Lin Mingqings eyes were heavy.

He could not open them.

He knew that he had to open his eyes.

If he didnt, he would be claimed by eternal slumber.

He also wanted to reach out his hand to comfort his mother, but he couldnt move.

In the end…

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“Little brother.” Lin Mingliang knelt by Lin Qingqings bed and immediately cried out in surprise, “father, little brother is not dead.

He just moved his fingers.”

Lin Mingliang immediately stood up from the bed and went to check for Lin Mingqings breath.

This time, Lin Mingliang said happily, “father, little brother is still alive.”

Lin Yiweis shock turned into surprise.

He then realized that his youngest sons wound was still bleeding.

He immediately shouted to Lin Mingliang, “LiangEr, go and find Doctor Zhang! Go!”

Lin Mingliang quickly stood up and rushed toward Doctor Zhangs home.

Lin Yiwei immediately picked up some clean cloth and bandaged Lin Mingqings wound.

Lin Qingming was eventually saved by Doctor Zhang.

However, it caused a problem.

Due to the excessive blood loss, Lin Mingqings brain suffered from temporary hypoxia and insufficient blood supply.

In other words, his brain couldnt control his body and actions anymore.

His limbs were stiff, his eyes were a little dazed and dull, and there was drool at the corner of his mouth.

However, his mind was still sharp, he merely couldnt express his will.

Lin Mingqing had broken his spine during the fall from the horse carriage, so he couldnt move anything below his waist.


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