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Lin Mingqing couldnt walk.

Therefore, the muscles in his legs had atrophied severely, and some of them had even festered, emitting a strong horrible smell.

This was Lin Mingqings state when Lin Yuelan and Jiang Zhennan came in.

Lin Yuelan had no idea Lin Mingqings condition was so serious.

Such a delicate, refined, and elegant young master with a bright future was completely destroyed because of a single act of kindness.

Lin Yiwei was wiping Lin Mingqings body with a towel.

Suddenly, he felt a little uncomfortable.

He quickly turned his head and saw Lin Yuelan standing at the door, looking at his youngest son.

He immediately roared at Lin Yuelan, “Yuelan, who let you come here”

Ever since his son had become like this, they didnt dare to bring him out of the house.

They knew his son didnt want others to see him like this.

Lin Yiwei and his family were not embarrassed, but Lin Mingqing was.

He was afraid of meeting people.

Now, Lin Yuelan and Jiang Zhennan had appeared in front of Lin Mingqing without his permission.

He was afraid that this would trigger Lin Mingqing, which made Lin Yiwei very angry.

Lin Yuelan walked to Lin Mingqing with a serious expression.

She squatted down and pulled up his pants.

She saw his shriveled muscles and festered muscles.

Then, she looked at his thin face, his slightly dazed eyes, and his drooling mouth.

She opened her mouth with difficulty and asked Lin Yiwei, “Grandpa village chief, when did uncle Mingqing become like this” To her knowledge, Lin Mingqing was only paralyzed.

He wasnt a retard.

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Lin Yiwei couldnt chase Lin Yuelan away now.

He looked at Lin Yuelan and thought of how she had caused this to happen to his youngest son.

He was angry.

However, as an elder, he knew he shouldnt vent his resentment and anger on a child.

Finally, he sighed heavily and said truthfully, “three years ago!”

Lin Yuelan was shocked to hear this answer.

She said in disbelief, “How can that be”

After that, Lin Yiwei told them about Lin Mingqings suicide attempt three years ago.

He didnt want to be his familys burden.

In the end, Lin Mingqings life was saved, but it left behind severe side effects.

After Lin Yuelan and Jiang Zhennan heard Lin Yiweis story, their hearts were very heavy.

Lin Yuelan felt a deep sense of guilt.

The guilt came from the host, but Lin Xinlan was now Lin Yuelan.

Since she had taken over Lin Yuelans identity, she would help the host.

Lin Mingqing had saved Lin Yuelan and had to suffer so heavily for it.

Lin Yuelan must feel so guilty.

Therefore, Lin Yuelan had to correct this mistake.

Lin Yuelan looked at Lin Yiwei seriously and said, “Grandpa Village Chief, please believe me.

I will cure uncle Mingqing!”

Then, she ran out without waiting for Lin Yiweis reaction.

Jiang Zhennan nodded at Lin Yiwei and followed Lin Yuelan.

Lin Yiwei looked at Lin Yuelan and Jiang Zhennan and sighed heavily again.

He said, “child, all the doctors in the world said theres no cure.

What can you do to cure QingEr” With that, he wrung the towel dry and continued to wipe Lin Mingqing clean.

He didnt think Lin Mingqing could be cured.

Lin Yiwei only hoped that he could be with his youngest son when he was still alive, and after he passed away, he hoped that his grandchildren would look after their little uncle.

Then, his life would be complete.

When Jiang Zhennan walked to the door, he saw that Lin Yuelans eyes were red.

His heart ached as he walked over, but he didnt know how to comfort her.

Although they didnt know what happened with Lin Laosans family, they knew that Lin Mingqing had played a huge role in enabling Lin Yuelans survival.

In other words, Lin Mingqing was Lin Yuelans savior.

Lin Yuelan had already owed Lin Yiwei and his son a huge favor.

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However, Lin Mingqing was injured because of Lin Yuelan.

Lin Mingqing was in this state because of Lin Yuelan.


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