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Therefore, Lin Yuelan must have felt a deep sense of gratitude and guilt toward Lin Mingqing.

Jiang Zhennan raised his hand and wanted to pat Lin Yuelans small shoulder, but he seemed to have thought of something and put it down gently.

Then, he looked at Lin Yiweis house and said, “The village chiefs family is very kind.”

Lin Yuelan had a lot to do with Lin Mingqings current state.

Although they had some resentment in their hearts, Lin Yiweis family had never really spoken ill of Lin Yuelan or argued with her.

Even Lin Yiweis wife, Zhou Erniang, had never really hurt Lin Yuelan.

At most, she would roll her eyes at Lin Yuelan when they met on the road.

She was not like other people, such as Lin Yuelans grandmother, who would grab Lin Yuelan and give her a scolding or a beating.

Lin Yuelan felt terrible when she saw Lin Mingqing.

No one in the village knew about his latest condition.

In fact, Lin Yuelan didnt know it too.

She assumed Lin Mingqing was only paralyzed from the waist down.

He could still talk and laugh like normal.

But, looking at Lin Qingming now, even if he was not technically a retard, what was the difference In fact, his situation was worse.

A retard wouldnt feel pain because he didnt know anything but Lin Mingqings mind was sharp.

He was trapped inside a body he couldnt control, and he needed his parents to feed and serve him all day long.

This was such a sorrowful, painful, desperate, and helpless matter.

It was hard not to consider suicide again.

Lin Yuelans eyes were red as she sobbed, “uncle Mingqing became like this because of me.

I feel terrible!” She had been through five years of the apocalypse.

She thought she had become a heartless, emotionless, and cold-hearted person.

However, when she saw Lin Mingqing, she felt sad and guilty.

Jiang Zhennan did not know how to comfort her.

He could only say, “they are good and righteous people!”

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Everyone believed that they were good people, but no one would admit that openly.

In fact, many people did horrible things because they believed they were doing good things.

So many people had killed because the victims werebad people.

So what were good people

Lin Mingqing and his family had to suffer for the rest of their lives because of a single act of kindness.

But the villagers only called them stupid!

Yes, real good people wouldnt be praised but theyd be called stupid.

They were dumb for sacrificing themselves for the sake of others.

Jiang Zhennan was the well-known God of War in the country.

He had killed countless people on the battlefield.

He was never one to comment on a persons morality.

But he had given Lin Yiweis family the highest compliment he could.

They were all good people!

Lin Yuelan was amused.

With reddened eyes, she laughed, “Yes, youre right!” Then, she changed the topic and asked, “masked uncle, how do you think I should repay and thank them”

Jiang Zhennans eyes under the silver mask reflected a sharp light.

He said deeply, “I believe that no amount of money is going to be as meaningful as curing Lin Mingqings illness.”

Lin Yuelan nodded and said, “yeah! Uncle Mingqing had suffered for three years.

Its time for him to get better! Then, hell continue his study and become the provincial scholar.”

Lin Yuelan hinted that she had a way to cure Lin Mingqing.

Actually, she was testing Jiang Zhennan.

After all, she would have to rely on her ability to cure Lin Mingqing.

Of course, she could rely on Doctor Zhang to provide her with a front, but she knew that she wouldnt be able to fool Jiang Zhennan.

After a short time together, Lin Yuelan knew that Jiang Zhennan was a man who was cold, upright, and valued honest relationships.

However, she couldnt look into his heart.

One couldnt judge a book by its cover.

From the first time they met, she had revealed much of her unusual powers, and itd be dumb for her to expect someone as clever as Jiang Zhennan not to suspect anything.


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