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Ever since Lin Yuelan became Doctor Zhangs grand disciple, she began tolearn how to read and write while reading those thick medical books.

Some of the ancient characters were not that different from modern characters.

However, there were some that Lin Yuelan needed help with.

Even if she was gifted, she was still a human.

She wasnt born with the world of knowledge.

Ancient Chinese Characters had a lot of shapes, and they were not spelled out like pinyin.

There were two ways one would teach language.

The first was through verbal teaching, and the second was with a method called Zhi Yin.

The second method allowed people to pick up the language without the help of others, but the premise was the student had to be able to recognize the characters Zhi Yin.

Lin Yuelan was from the modern world, so naturally, she wouldnt understand Zhi Yin.

Therefore, she had to ask Jiang Zhennan to teach her verbally.

Jiang Zhennan was very surprised when he was teaching Lin Yuelan.

This was because Lin Yuelan was a very smart student.

In just one day, Lin Yuelan had memorized more than half of the characters.

When she looked at the scrolls, she asked Jiang Zhennan with some doubts, “Is this how most people learn the language Through verbal teachings” This meant that teachers were vital, unlike in the future, where people could turn to media like the internet to pick up a new language.

Jiang Zhennan was confused.

Verbal teaching had always been how they taught language.

Jiang Zhennan nodded.

Lin Yuelan rested her chin on her hand and leaned on the table.

She asked doubtfully, “Isnt there a way for people to learn how to read and write on their own”

“Pfft!” Guo Bing was amused and said, “Miss Lin, this is how it has been for decades.

Who would be so smart to know how to write on their own”

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Lin Yuelan secretly rolled her eyes at Guo Bing and thought to herself,Just because it doesnt happen now doesnt mean that it wont happen in the future.

Lin Yuelan gave Guo Bing a scornful smile and said, “First lieutenant, even if something has been fixed for decades, it doesnt mean that there wouldnt be innovation.

Since ancient times, what havent been invented through human innovation Or are you content to enjoy the fruits of your predecessors”

As soon as Lin Yuelans words fell, the entire courtyard immediately fell silent.

The boisterous atmosphere just now disappeared.

All of them had their heads lowered, as if they were in deep thought.

Thats right, why should they only enjoy the results of their predecessors Why wouldnt they think of new innovations

Jiang Zhennan suddenly felt a little excited.

They had never thought about revolutionizing the education process.

If people could learn to read and write on their own, the level of illiteracy would decrease, and Long Yan Country would rise.

Jiang Zhennans deep and magnetic voice was filled with excitement as he asked, “miss Yueer, do you have any ideas”

‘Of course I have. Lin Yuelan really wanted to say that, but she knew it was impossible.

Lin Yuelan shook her head and said, “Not at the moment, but with my extremely smart brain, Ill definitely invent something that will allow people to pick up the language easier and faster.”

The others laughed.

They didnt know that miss Lin was such a narcissist besides being stingy.

But in the future, Lin Yuelan would prove them wrong.

She was not narcissistic but confident.

Guo Bing laughed and said, “Miss Lin, well be waiting for the results of your invention!” Of course, Guo Bing didnt mean any mockery.

He just found it interesting.

In fact, he believed that Lin Yuelan would give them a big surprise.

This was something he had observed after spending a few days with Lin Yuelan.

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Lin Yuelan closed the book.

Then, she stretched and said, “You all look so free.

Come with me to go up the mountains to pick some grapes.”


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