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These few clowns were really too funny.

Lin Yuelan felt like her life was more interesting after taking them in.

Lin Yuelan patted little white and said with a smile, “little white, someone didnt see that youve rolled your eyes at him.

I think he has bad eyesight.

Dont you agree, masked uncle”

The corners of Jiang Zhennans lips curled up, and he replied softly, “yes!”

Guo Bing suddenly felt that he had been deserted by his friends and family.

Guo Bing immediately shouted at Jiang Zhennan, “boss, you cant do this.

Little White was probably just moving its eyes.

It didnt look down on me.

Besides, why would it suddenly roll its eyes at me” Guo Bing was handsome, suave, and gentlemanly.

He was a man who could win the world with his tongue.

He was both talented and beautiful.

Many women would throw themselves at him.

There was no reason for Little White to despise him.

However, Guo Bing forgot one thing.

First of all, little white was an animal.

How could it know the standard of human beauty and ugliness

Secondly, little white was a male tiger.

It had no interest in pouncing on men.

Therefore, Guo Bing was daydreaming again.

After Little White gave Guo Bing another eye roll, it knocked Guo Bing to the ground with its head.

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“Ah, little white, you cant be like this!” After the others had gone far away, Guo Bing complained in grief and indignation.

“I didnt do anything to you.

Why do you treat me like this You already look down on me, and now youre pushing me to the ground.” Guo Bing felt so wronged.

He was just a little scared of little white when they first met, and because of that, Little White looked down on him.

Who would have thought Little White would remember that encounter until now

They soon arrived at the back mountain amidst all kinds of teasing.

Lin Yuelan and the others found the grape forest.

There were dense clusters of grapes.

The purple and green grapes were crystal clear and glowed with a bright luster.

It was as if he had entered the world of jewelry.

Lin Yuelans appetite was immediately aroused.

She swallowed her saliva, then quickly found a bunch of ripe and large grapes, plucked them, peeled them, and put them into her mouth.

It was sweet and sour.

It was really delicious.

Natural fruits that were not fertilized with agricultural products were indeed different.

In the end, Lin Yuelan didnt even peel the skin and directly threw it into her mouth.

There was no pesticide anyway.

When the others saw the bunches of beautiful grapes, their stomachs growled too.

They immediately picked a few bunches and planned to eat their fill first.

Jiang Zhennan watched as Lin Yuelan ate the grapes without even peeling the skin.

He picked the largest and most beautiful bunch of grapes and plucked them.

Then, he walked in front of Lin Yuelan, peeled a grape, and handed it to her mouth.

Lin Yuelan took the offering with her mouth without thinking.

Thus, one was happily peeling, and the other was happily eating.

Guo Bing and the others were shocked at first.

Then they looked at each other and continued eating their grapes as if nothing had happened.

However, their eye contact betrayed them.

‘Do you think theres a chance between the boss and miss Lin

‘No clue.

‘Lets just observe for now.

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They had returned with a bountiful harvest!

“Miss Lin, what do you need so many purple crystal fruits and green crystal fruits for” Looking at the boxes of crystal fruits being carried down the mountain, Guo Bing was really confused and curious.

Miss Lin would definitely not let them pick so many purple-green crystal fruits for no reason.

She was going to make something delicious out of them again.

Why would they think that Because grapes were meant to be eaten.

If she werent going to prepare them as food, what would Lin Yuelan do with them

Lin Yuelan didnt hide anything.

She said indifferently, “Im planning to get some wine and raisins.”

“Wine!” This time, it was only Jiang Zhennan and Guo Bing who were surprised.

As high-ranking officials of the Imperial court, they naturally knew about wine.

They had been rewarded some in the past.

The wine was made by people of the western region.

The people of Long Yan Country didnt know how to make them.

But suddenly, Miss Lin said she wanted to make wine.

They didnt hear wrong, did they

They had no idea that wine could be made from the purple crystal fruit of the Long Yan Country.

Lin Yuelan replied indifferently, “yes, wine!”

Guo Bing immediately asked curiously, “miss Lin, do you really know how to make wine”

“Yes.” Lin Yuelan simply replied.

“Miss Lin,” Guo Bing really looked at Lin Yuelan in a new light.

He was really curious about her.”How on earth does your head work How can you be so smart Ive heard of geniuses who have a photographic memory, but youre a genius among geniuses.

Other than having a photographic memory, you have so much interesting knowledge.

“Tell me, is there anything you cant do You have divine power.

You know martial arts, cooking, business negotiations, and so on.

Youre almost omnipotent,” Guo Bing pointed out one by one with his finger.

“Miss Lin, Im just curious.

What dont you know”

This was only their second day in the Lin family Village, and apart from Li Cuihua, who wanted to drive a wedge between them and Lin Yuelan, the other villagers didnt dare to approach them.

On the one hand, they hid far away as soon as they saw them, but on the other hand, they were full of curiosity about them.

However, no one went up to them.

As such, they still didnt know the real reason why the Lin family Village was so afraid of Lin Yuelan.

They didnt know that she had died once and returned with all kinds of abilities.

Lin Yuelan was reading a book in her hand.

When she heard Guo Bings question, she rolled her eyes and said indifferently, “I dont know how to be a man!”

Guo Bing choked.

‘Is she teasing us Shes a woman, so of course, she wouldnt know how to be a woman.

‘However, even though shes not a man, her ruthlessness and killing methods can rival the strongest man.

She is manlier than some men.

So why would she want to be a man

The others mouths twitched again.

Of course, Lin Yuelan was only joking with them.

The soldiers knew that.


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