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Ying Zis eyes were still fixed on Guo Bings face as if she had not heard his question.

The annoyance in Guo Bings eyes intensified.

He thought to himself,If you werent the only villager around, I would have left already.

Now that Guo Bing thought about it, Lin Yuelan was the only woman who didnt seem to be infatuated with him.

Since Guo Bing was young, he had always been very good-looking.

He had the appearance of a beautiful flower, causing many people to misunderstand that he was a lady.

Later, as if to prove that he was a man, he went to the battlefield without telling his family.

After a few years of training on the battlefield, his feminine face had become sharp, and he gained a soldiers masculinity.

Therefore, no one would mistake him for a woman anymore.

However, even though they no longer misunderstood him as a woman, he became even more attractive to women.

When they saw them, they wanted to throw themselves at him.

When he went out on the streets, he would bend down all day to pick up embroidered handkerchiefs, incense sticks, or other things.

In short, these women stared at him like wolves and tigers.

Although Guo Bing was affectionate to women, he was actually most heartless with his ways.

He was gentle and considerate because that was his nature.

However, this was mistaken by women as hope, even though he was not interested in any of them.

But was that his fault Therefore, Guo Bing became annoyed by women who couldnt conduct themselves with dignity around him because theyd only bring him trouble.

It seemed like that hadnt changed when Guo Bing reached Lin Family Village.

Guo Bing raised his hand and waved it in front of Ying Zi.

He continued to call out, “Miss, miss …” He called out a few times, and the more he called, the louder he got.

Ying Zi was finally woken up by Guo Bings roar.

Then, Guo Bing took out a handkerchief and said, “miss, you should wipe your saliva first!”

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‘How could she be so man-crazy that shed drool all over the floor This is disgusting.

To be polite, Guo Bing still presented Ying Zi with his handkerchief.

However, his words were sarcastic.

He was reminding her to conduct herself with dignity.

It was a pity that Ying Zi didnt understand these things, or rather, she wasnt smart enough to understand the meaning between the lines.

She immediately took the handkerchief, then blushed and lowered her head shyly.

She wiped the corner of her mouth with the handkerchief, then said to Guo Bing in a reserved and delicate voice, “Young master, please dont take offense.

Its because Ive never seen a man as good-looking as Young master, so…” I was too enraptured looking at you.

A sarcastic expression appeared on Guo Bings face, but it disappeared in an instant.

Then, he asked with a gentle smile, “Miss, have you seen a lot of men Otherwise, how would you know that Im the best-looking man youve ever seen”

Upon hearing this, Ying Zis face turned pale, and her eyes were filled with panic.

Even if she wasnt smart, she could understand the meaning of the mans question.

He was mocking him for being shameless and always staring at the man.

Ying Zis hand that was holding the handkerchief paused.

Then, she explained helplessly, “No… No… Its not like that.

Young master, I… I just havent seen a man as good-looking as you in the Lin family Village.” She didnt want this man whom she liked to have the wrong idea of her.

Guo Bing was getting fed up with this cheap dance.

He cut to the point, “Miss, please tell me where I can pick lotus leaves”

Ying Zi asked, “Young master, do you want to pluck the lotus leaves Did that ji… Lin Yuelan ask you to do this”

Guo Bing nodded.

“Why are you picking the lotus leaves, young master” Ying Zi asked.

‘What is that jinx up to now

Guo Bings annoyed expression immediately appeared on his face.

He said coldly, “Girl, this is my own business.

Arent you asking too much Miss, please tell me where the pond is.

I will be very grateful.

If you insist on the interrogation, then Ill go and find it myself.” As he said that, he turned around.

When Ying Zi heard Guo Bings words, she immediately became a little angry.

She didnt think she was interrogating anyone.

In fact, she was doing this to protect this young master.

This was because he didnt know what kind of person Lin Yuelan was.

Seeing that Guo Bing was about to leave, Ying Zi immediately became anxious.

She asked, “Young master, do you know what kind of person Lin Yuelan is”

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Guo Bing immediately looked at Yingzi and said with a smile, “Miss, arent you being a little too nosy All Ive asked is the direction to the lotus pond.

How is that related to what kind of person Miss Lin is It seems like Miss is not willing to help me.

Goodbye then.”

Ying Zi immediately spread her arms and rushed in front of him.

She said anxiously, “Lin Yuelan is a jinx.

Anyone who gets close to her is unlucky and will get into trouble.” Young master, for the sake of your safety, its best for you to leave that jinx as soon as possible.”

As Lin Yuelans life got better and better in the past two months, Ying Zi felt more and more unbalanced.

Lin Yuelan had to live like an animal.

How could she suddenly become so capable, beautiful, and good at seducing men

However, Ying Zi knew that these men definitely didnt know anything about Lin Yuelans jinx identity.

Otherwise, they wouldnt have stayed with her.

For the sake of the young masters lives, she had to tell them the truth about Lin Yuelan and then persuade them to leave as soon as possible.

She was doing this for their own good.

That was what Ying Zi believed.

She didnt think she was acting out of line at all.

In fact, she believed she was being kind.

She couldnt bear to see these people die because of Lin Yuelan.

Especially this young master, who was so handsome and beautiful.

How could he die because of that jinx

However, she didnt know the story between Lin Yuelan and these people.

Without waiting for Guo Bings reply, Ying Zi quickly continued, “I know that you guys must not be willing to follow her.

She must have used sorcery to make you obey her, right

“Young master, you need to wake up.

Lin Yuelan is a monster who can control fierce beasts.

Some time ago, that jinx controlled my mother and made her stay on Mount Da Ao for a night.

“Lin Yuelan is also a cold-blooded animal.

It is said that she was given divine power by the King of Hell and the ability to communicate with animals.

But who knows if thats a lie or not.

After all, the jinx wasnt like this at all in the past.”

Ying Zi rambled, but Guo Bing caught a few key points.

Guo Bings attitude changed immediately.

He seemed to have just realized the truth and asked seriously, “Miss, what do you mean by this What jinx And what was it that the King of Hell gave him the power to communicate with animals And what did you mean when you said she wasnt like this before”


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