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The villagers finally came to attention.

They had come with hoes, shovels, and wooden sticks to catch a ghost.

To be exact, they came to stop Lin Yuelan, the ghost jinx.

But the problem was, she was a human and not a ghost!

What was there to catch Were they going to force her to die so that shed turn into a ghost for them to catch In that case, who was going to kill her Was the whole village going to kill her together Then, which family would have the next jinx

However, no family was willing to house the next jinx!

Therefore, when they realized that Lin Yuelan wasnt dead, no one dared to say anything or volunteer to kill her.

Lin Yuelan had called out Lin Dawei.

He was a large and strong man.

His face was covered in a bushy beard.

He wasnt someone to be trifled.

Both children and adults in the village feared him.

Most importantly, Lin Daweis family was the only hunter in the village.

As a hunter, he was very courageous.

He often went up the mountain to hunt wild animals for a living.

His family home often reeked of blood.

This time, he took the lead in hunting down Lin Yuelan because the villagers heard that the jinx had returned as a ghost and captured Er Gou Zi.

The villagers wanted to get Lin Dawei to hunt down the ghost and rescue Er Gou Zi.

There were three men in Lin Daweis family.

One was his old father, one was Lin Dawei, and the last was his young son about 10.

Perhaps it was the bloody hunting job, the women in this family didnt live long.

However, no one dared to call Lin Dawei a jinx.


Other than the fact that Lin Daweis family was the only hunter, more importantly, the Lin family village was a village that relied on the mountain.

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There were some ferocious beasts in the mountain, such as tigers and wolves.

When winter came, these dangerous creatures would flock to the village to look for food.

As a hunter, Lin Dawei would track these animals.

Once he discovered them, he would warn the villagers lest they were injured by these animals.

Lin Dawei was a core member of the village.

He was like the guardian of the village.

No one dared to offend him.

In fact, most of the villagers feared him.

In contrast, the young Lin Yuelan had such a horrible fate because of the word of a Taoist master.

Before something bad happened to Lin Qingming, the whole village had already loathed her.


Even though Lin Dawei led the hunt, his target was a ghost who might harm the villagers.

Lin Dawei normally felt pity and sorry for Lin Yuelan.

The only reason he promised to help was not that he hated her, but he didnt want her to cause more damage to the villagers.

This was because he could understand her.

When Lin Dawei was young, he was called a jinx who killed his mother.

However, back then, he had his father to protect him.

His father said that if the villagers continued to bully his son, his whole family would move to another village and the villagers could fend for themselves during winter.

As expected, the gossip died down.

As for those who mocked him behind his back, Lin Dawei pretended not to hear them.

However, once the girl was claimed by a priest that she was a jinx, the rumors immediately spread through the village.

Her biological grandparents, uncles, and aunties all wanted to kill her.

The most heartbreaking thing was her biological parents even allowed it.

As furious as Lin Dawei was, he couldnt meddle in other families business.

However, after Lin Yuelan severed bonds from Lin Laosans family, Lin Dawei would occasionally send her some meat in secret.

He actually had a goal.

He wanted to have the girl marry his son.

Since his son was a jinx too, perhaps two negatives could make a positive


When he heard the villagers say that Lin Yuelan had died, his heart skipped a beat.

Had the girl died simply because he planned to have her as his daughter-in-law Was his familys curse that strong


When the girl appeared in human form, he sighed in relief.

It was good that she didnt die.

Lin Dawei looked at Lin Yuelans childish face.

Her tone was as mature and experienced as an adult.

He found it interesting and laughed heartily, “Haha, LanEr, the kids stumbled back to the village, saying that you have died and captured Er Guo Zi to eat.

We were curious and came to look.”

Through the hosts original memory, Lin Xinlan knew that Lin Dawei was different from the other villagers.

He would come to help Lin Yuelan from time to time.

Therefore, Lin Yuelan did not have any hostility or negative emotions toward David Lin.


She curled her lips and asked with a smile, “Then, Uncle Dawei, have you found anything”

Lin Dawei laughed loudly and said, “I find LanEr to be more beautiful and energetic than before.

This is good!”

Lin Yuelan smiled and said, “Im always grateful for Uncle Davids care.

I will definitely return this favor in the future!”


The villagers were completely baffled by their conversation.

Werent they here to capture Lin Yuelan

What was happening

Lin Chong, Er Guo Zis father, said unhappily, “Brother Wei, even if this girl is human, the children said that the girl lifted Er Guo Zi up with one hand.

That is not normal, right”

“Yes, we saw she lifted Er Guo Zi with one hand with her eyes closed.” Ying Zi, who followed the adults, quickly added.

Ying Zi was the same age as Lin Yuelan.

Before Lin Yuelan was deemed a jinx, she was often compared to Ying Zi.

The villagers had a better opinion of Lin Yuelan, which made Ying Zi jealous and resentful.

Therefore, after Lin Yuelan was hated by the whole village, Ying Zi would wake up smiling in her sleep.

This time, Ying Zi would not be satisfied because Lin Yuelan didnt suffer.

“Yes, thats not normal.

Even if shes not a ghost, she has to be possessed by a demon!” Someone immediately concurred.

This someone was Zeng Jiaojiao or Ying Zis mother.

“Yes, she has to be possessed! Well burn her to death!”


“Burn the demon!”

“Burn the ghost!”



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