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Lin Yiwei said in surprise again, “LanEr, you need at least 15 taels of silver to buy all those land.

Do you have that amount of money” Then, he thought for a moment and felt that something was wrong.

What was he saying Lin Yuelan just had a windfall from selling the tiger, so of course, she didnt need to worry about money.

Lin Yiwei nodded and said, “Okay, do you want the field to be from our village or from another village”

Lin Yuelan said, “I need a place with plenty of sunlight.

Grandpa Village Chief, you probably need to look outside the village.

Please help me book it.” The Lin family Village was surrounded by mountains, and as a result, many of the fields were devoid of sunlight.

Sunlight was important for farming.

Therefore, Lin Yuelan needed a field drowning in sunlight.

Lin Yiwei nodded and said, “Alright, Ill help you ask around.

However, LanEr, you talk about developing new land and buying existing fields.

Do you plan to hire or contract helpers” Lin Yuelan couldnt work in so many fields on her own.

Lin Yuelan said, “Im planning to have long-term contracts with four or five people and hire some short-term workers.” Lin Yuelan didnt hide anything.

“Where do you plan to hire short-term and long-term workers from” Lin Yiwei asked seriously.

He knew that most of the people in the Lin family Village had offended and bullied Lin Yuelan, so it was very likely that she didnt want to hire any of them.

However, this would be a good labor opportunity for the villagers.

As the chief, no matter what, he still hoped that Lin Yuelan would consider hiring the people from the Lin family Village first.

After all, working both long-term and short-term on the farm would help improve many families living standards.

Lin Yuelan was not dumb, so she understood what Lin Yiwei meant.

To be honest, she didnt want to put Lin Yiwei to be in a difficult position.

Since this was just a small matter, she decided to compromise.

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Lin Yuelan thought for a moment and said, “Grandpa Village Chief, Ill give priority to the Lin Family Village when Im hiring.

But, Ill be blunt, Ill only hire honest and kind villagers.

As for those with ulterior motives, Ill firmly refuse.”

“Of course, of course!” Lin Yiwei agreed with her.

“Some of the villagers had bullied you in the past, but others hadnt really done anything.” It meant that these people didnt add insult to injury.

They were just observers.

Of course, that didnt mean that they were not guilty.

They were simply not as guilty as those who directly mistreated Lin Yuelan.

Lin Yuelan continued, “Grandpa Village Chief, Ill leave the matter of hiring helpers to you.

But, Grandpa, with the reputation I have, will the villagers be willing to work for me”

Of course, they would.

Why would they go against money Even though they knew Lin Yuelan was a jinx, they would still work for money.

Lin Yiwei said, “LanEr, dont worry.

Those who want to come can come, and for those who dont want to come, we wont force them either.

So, you dont have to worry about this.

Leave it all to Grandpa.”

“Thank you, Grandpa Village Chief!” Lin Yuelan said.

This was her plan all along.

She hated doing these troublesome things.

Lin Yiwei was the person who knew better than anyone else who was hardworking and who was not in the village.

The two mudballs kept radiating this fragrance.

He wanted to open them to eat the things inside.

However, he would wait for his grandson and wife.

Lin Yiwei said, “Sure.

LanEr, you can develop the land first.

In two days, Ill invite the bailiffs to measure the land and make a registration.

Then, the developed land is yours.

Tomorrow, Ill go around to ask about existing fields for sale.”

“Thank you, Grandpa Village Chief!” Lin Yuelan quickly thanked him.

When Lin Yuelan and Jiang Zhennan returned home, they saw people fighting over beggars chicken.

There were many broken bones on the ground.

“Doctor Zhang, you may be sixty years old, but you have such a big appetite.” Guo Bing took a chicken leg and said, “A chicken weighs three to four kilograms, and youve already eaten half a chicken.”


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