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There were chicken bones all over the floor in front of Doctor Zhang.

He was gnawing on a chicken wing as he replied, “I cant help it.

This beggars chicken is too delicious.”

Lin Yuelan raised her eyebrows, walked over, and immediately snatched a full chicken confiscated by Guo Bing.

She tore it open and gave half to Jiang Zhennan.

She said, “masked uncle, this half is for you!”

After that, she immediately began to eat in big mouthfuls, without the restraint of a girl at all.

Seeing Lin Yuelan, everyone stopped eating and looked at her in surprise.

‘Is that… a man She eats like a man.

Lin Yuelan looked at their dumbfounded expressions and raised her eyebrows.

“Why did you stop eating If you dont want to eat, then give the food to me, and Ill feed them to little white and the others.

Hearing Lin Yuelans words, the few of them quickly protected their food, afraid that Lin Yuelan would snatch them away.

After eating, Guo Bing wiped his mouth and said with a flattering smile, “Miss Lin, this beggars chicken is really delicious.

Can you make more tomorrow”

Lin Yuelan gave Guo Bing a fake smile and said, “hehe, do you want more” She swept her eyes across the others.

They nodded in unison.

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“Thats fine.

Other than Grandmaster, all of you need to head to the southwest of Mount Da Ao to clear some new land for me first.”

“Claim some new land!” They were shocked.

Lin Yuelan, that damn jinx, had the men she brought back to help her develop new fields.

This caused the Lin Family Village to go into an uproar.

Because of this, many rumors started to spread around the Lin family Village.

The first rumor was Lin Yuelan had used some kind of demonic art to make the men she had brought into the village work as slaves.

Now, they were developing the land at the foot of Mount Da Ao.

Mount Da Ao was a dangerous place.

If they were not careful, the commotion would attract ferocious beasts.

Lin Yuelan didnt treat these men as humans.

She forced them to work without considering their safety.

She was too vicious.

Another rumor was based on what some people had seen.

They said thatLin Yuelan, the jinx, had a special relationship with these five men.

Some villagers saw them holding hands and putting their arms around each others shoulders.

Some even saw Lin Yuelan kissing them.

“Where is the public decency” Lin Qi was so angry that his face turned ashen.

“This is really immoral!”

‘Hmph, wretched girl, Ive got you this time.

Ill teach you a lesson youll never forget.

“Grandpa Qi, see what this girl has done.

What should we do now” Lin Daniu asked respectfully.

However, Lin Danius eyes were filled with intense hatred.

Ever since they had been caught red-handed stealing from Lin Yuelans house, they had lost a lot of face.

However, that wretched girl also forced them to spend a night on Mount Da Ao.

Lin Daniu was still shaking when he thought back to that night.

Most importantly, he had been impotent ever since that day.

Lin Daniu swore that he would definitely take revenge for this.

Lin Qi slammed the floor with his walking stick so hard that the entire room reverberated with the sound.

Lin Qis face darkened.

His expression was stern and imposing.

“The Lin Family Village will never forgive this promiscuous woman who has committed such immoral acts!”

“Yes, of course, we cant let that wretched girl off.” Lin Daniu echoed, “Grandpa Qi, what can we do to stop that wretched girl You have to know that she…”

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