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They must be joking! Shed see who would be threatened in the end.

However, she had not gathered enough medicinal herbs, so she would not return to the village.

However, just because she didnt return to the village, it didnt mean that she couldnt teach the self-righteous Lin Qi and the despicable Lin Daniu a lesson.

She had given Lin Daniu a deep lesson last time, but he still didnt know how to repent.

He really turned a deaf ear to her words.

Lin Yuelan turned to Little Green and said, “Little Green, tonight, get your friends to entertain the highly respected Lin Qi and Lin Daniu.”

“Yes, dont worry, master.

My little companions and I will definitely treat them well.

” Little Greens two green leaves stood up and bowed as if answering Lin Yuelan.

Lin Yuelans cold face warmed up.

“Thank you, Little Green!” She said.

Whether it was in the bloody apocalypse or this new dynasty where she didnt know anyone, Little Green had always been by her side.

At the southwest of Mount Da Ao, Jiang Zhennan, Guo Bing, and the rest were using a saw and a chopper to cut down the trees.

Then, they would dig out their roots and finally plow the land with hoes and shovels.

There were plenty of things to do.

To turn the place into a farming field, they would have to dig irrigation channels, raise the soil, and so on.

It was not easy to develop wildlands, and it took a lot of time and effort.

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Many farmers could not afford to spend so much time, so they would choose to rent the land from landlords.

Under the scorching sun, five bare-chested men were working hard, sweating like rain.

After working for half a day, the five of them took a break under the shade of the tree.

Guo Bing took a few sips of water and nibbled on the hard bun with some salted vegetables.

After swallowing a few mouthfuls, he sighed and said, “When will Miss Lin come down the mountain Weve been eating hard buns for three days already.

I think Ill throw up if I have to continue eating them.”

Three days ago, Lin Yuelan followed Doctor Zhangs request to go up the mountain to pick herbs.

She had prepared some food for them in advance, as well as dry food for a few days.

Then, she put them in the ice box in the cellar.

They could take the food out and heat them if they wanted to eat.

Lin Yuelan had prepared enough to last them for five days.

However, Lin Yuelans cooking was too delicious.

They couldnt help themselves.

They finished everything on day one, so they had been surviving on hard buns ever since.

They only had hard buns and salted vegetables now.

They also had to portion the salted vegetables.

They couldnt finish it all at once like before.

Otherwise, theyd have to survive on hard buns and water in the future.

They had been pampered by Lin Yuelan and her delicious food.

They couldnt imagine eating more of these bland hard buns.

Jiang Zhennan ate his bun silently, his chopsticks slowly picking up some pickled vegetables and putting them into his mouth.

However, his sharp eyes were fixed on the entrance of Mount Da Ao.

‘She is picking herbs on the mountain alone.

I wonder if shell run into any danger.

At the end of the day, she is still very young. Thinking of this, Jiang Zhennans brows furrowed slightly under the mask.

‘It has already been three days.

What if she is in danger Jiang Zhennan started to fidget.

He put down his chopsticks and buns, picked up the big knife beside him, and stood up.

He planned to walk up the mountain.

“Hey, boss, where are you going” Guo Bing held a hard bun in his hand and immediately shouted.

When he saw the direction Jiang Zhennan was walking towards, he immediately stopped him.

“Boss, are you going into the mountains to look for miss Lin Did you forget that she has forbidden us to do that”

Jiang Zhennan stopped in his tracks, his sharp eyes once again looking at the entrance into the mountain.

After a moment, he started walking again.

Guo Bing looked at Jiang Zhennans stubborn face and immediately felt a headache coming on.

However, he quickly remembered what Lin Yuelan had told them before they left and quickly said, “Boss, didnt miss Lin say that if anything happened, she would get Little White to come to inform us Since we havent seen Little White around here, Miss Lin is fine.

Boss, you dont need to worry.”

Jiang Zhennan stopped in his tracks, turned around, and said somewhat resentfully, “But, Im a little worried about Miss YueEr being on the mountain alone.”


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