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“This is preposterous! How can they say things without evidence” Guo Bing immediately shouted angrily, then looked at Jiang Zhennan and asked very seriously, “boss, miss Lin is not at home.

What should we do now”

Little Twelve interrupted and added, “Boss, theyre preparing to drug miss Lin.

And they even planned to use miss Lins parents as a threat to force miss Lin to submit!”


The others were shocked!

How detestable!

How despicable!

Jiang Zhennan immediately said darkly, “Since these people intend to drug and threaten Miss YueEr with her parents, it means that they have a fear of Miss YueEr.

However, with Miss YueErs unyielding personality, she would probably not submit even if they threatened her with her parents.

“However, Im afraid that the villagers will use other ways to make Miss YueEr submit.

Therefore, we find out all of their plans before Miss YueEr comes back from the mountain.”

“Yes!” The others agreed.

“But, boss, we also need to inform miss Lin as soon as possible so that she can be prepared!” Guo Bing said.

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“Well, Ill go up the mountain to find her.

You guys go back to the village and ask around!” Jiang Zhennans voice was filled with suppressed anger.

‘Miss YueEr is a good person, but these people gang up to bully her.

How despicable.

“Oh, thats right, Guo Bing.

When you arrive at the village, go and probe the village chief.

See if hes involved in this matter.

If he has tacitly agreed to this, theres no need to be polite to him.” However, Jiang Zhennan believed that Lin Yiwei wouldnt be so muddleheaded.

He hoped that Lin Yiwei didnt know about this.

However, it was better to be safe than sorry.

“Alright, I got it, boss!” Guo Bing replied seriously.

If the village chief was involved in this, then his position and his family in the capital would be heavily ruined.

Even though Jiang Zhennan couldnt return to the capital now, it was only a matter of time before they did.

They had more than enough power to punish a small village chief.

However, they hoped that Lin Yiwei was innocent.

They split up.

Jiang Zhennan and the rest worried too much.

They didnt need to do anything because things were already progressing along nicely.

When Lin Qi found out that Lin Yuelan had left the Lin family Village for three days, he thought that she had heard the news and had gone hiding in the mountains.

However, the jinx couldnt hide forever.

He believed that Lin Yuelan would return to the Lin family Village sooner or later.

Therefore, he was not in a hurry.

He could wait slowly.

He would definitely take revenge on that wretched girl.

He was proud of the punishment he came up with.

The wretched girl was only twelve, but she would have to live with the wordlewd carved on her face for the rest of her life.

It would make her life worse than death.

Lin Qi could see Lin Yuelan kneeling in front of him, crying and begging.

His mood was good, and he walked to his bedroom to rest.

He placed his walking stick by the side of the bed and lay down.

The moment he lay down, he immediately felt that something was wrong.

There seemed to be something moving underneath his bed.

It was moving up and down on his waist.

He immediately got up and pulled open the sleeping mat.

However, the bedboard was very flat, and there was nothing on it.

Lin Qi was puzzled.

“Am I getting too old that Im imagining things”

Then, he put down the mat and continued to lie down.

However, as soon as he lay down, that feeling came again.

It seemed to be more intense as if someone wanted to lift him up from the middle of his waist.

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Lin Qi got out of bed again and pulled open the sleeping mat, but he still did not see anything.

Lin Qi thought for a moment, then immediately shouted outside his bedroom.

“DuanEr, come in for a moment!”

A young man in his twenties with a sallow face walked in.

“Grandpa, did you call me” Lin Duan asked in a daze.

“Mm,” Lin Qi replied.

Then, with the support of his walking stick, he pointed at the empty bed board with his other hand and said, “come, lift the bed board.”

Lin Duan obediently lifted the bedboard, but when Lin Qi leaned over to take a look, he saw that there was nothing else other than a few jars he had kept down there.

However, he could clearly feel that something was pushing against his waist earlier.

Lin Qi asked Lin Duan to put the bed board back before saying to him, “DuanEr, go up the bed and lie down for a while.” He wanted to confirm if there was something inside.

Lin Duan was slightly surprised to hear that his grandfather wanted him to lie on the bed.

After all, his grandfather never allowed them to get close to his bed, let alone lie on it.

However, Lin Duan knew his grandfather well.

He should keep his mouth shut and just follow his instructions, or he would be beaten.

Lin Duan obediently lay on the bed.

Yes, it was quite comfortable.

After a while, he heard his grandfathers question.

“DuanEr, do you feel something wriggling underneath you”

Lin Duan closed his eyes and felt it for a moment before he answered honestly, “No, Grandpa! I feel especially comfortable.

The entire Lin family was very protective of Lin Qi.

The main reason was that with him around, no one in the village could bully their family.

In fact, the whole Lin Family Village tried their best to please Lin Qis family.

After all, Lin Qi was a highly respected elder in the Lin family Village.

Lin Qi furrowed his brows.

Once again, he began to doubt himself.

‘Did I imagine all that

He immediately got Lin Duan to stand up, then had Lin Duan stand at the side while he lay down.

However, as soon as he lay down, that feeling came back again.

The force around his waist was even a little sharp this time.

He immediately got up and looked at the bed with a frightened expression as if he had seen a ghost.

Lin Duan immediately asked, “grandfather, whats wrong Are you feeling uncomfortable”

Lin Qi trembled as he pointed at his bed.

“DuanEr, theres something inside.

Theres something here.

Its trying to crawl into my waist.”

Lin Duan furrowed his brows and went forward to check.

He lifted the bed again, but there was still nothing.

He said, “Grandpa, theres nothing here.

Did you imagine it”


I definitely didnt imagine it!” Lin Qi said in a panic.

“I lay down three times, and every time, I felt something underneath the bed.

Im not mistaken.


I wont sleep here anymore.

DuanEr, help me to your bed.

I will rest there.”

Lin Duan could only follow his grandfathers wishes and help him to get to his own bed.

Later, when his wife pushed open the door and wanted to wake her grandfather up, she saw the scene inside and immediately screamed.


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