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After Lin Yuelans stern shout, Jiang Zhennan walked out from behind the tree.

Lin Yuelans face was cold and fierce, and her tender voice had a strong aura.

She appeared next to Jiang Zhennan like an illusion and then grabbed his neck with one hand.

She could snap it easily.

She stared at Jiang Zhennan with sharp eyes and asked sternly, “why are you here”

With Little Greens existence at stake, she would not allow any danger or threat to come to pass.

Previously, when she took down the assassins, she had Little Green command the trees to grow wildly and create a birdcage.

However, Little Green wasnt exposed to them.

But this time, she was certain that Jiang Zhennan had definitely seen the interaction between her and Little Green.

She had been too careless.

She thought that no one would be wandering around the deep mountain.

Besides, if someone got close, she and Little Green would have noticed it.

However, Jiang Zhennan had appeared at Mount Da Qi without any sign.

He even discovered her secret of Little Green.

Little Greens existence must not be discovered by anyone.

Jiang Zhennan had originally gone to look for Lin Yuelan at Mount Da Ao.

However, he couldnt find her anywhere.

Then, he ran into Little White, who brought him to Mount Da Qi.

When he had just arrived at Mount Da Qi, he found Lin Yuelan conversing with a thick green vine.

The vine was very familiar.

It had a sharp bud and two green leaves.

He had seen Lin Yuelan talking to the vine before, so he wasnt too shocked or surprised.

However, he didnt expect that as soon as he stood still, Lin Yuelans body would exude a sharp aura, and she literally threatened his life.

Her voice was as cold as ice.

Jiang Zhennan was stunned, but he did not show any dissatisfaction or counterattack.

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Jiang Zhennans deep and magnetic voice replied to Lin Yuelan, “Im here to find you.” He directly stated the reason for his appearance.

However, Lin Yuelan did not let him go.

She continued to hold onto Jiang Zhennans neck and asked sternly, “how did you find me” If they were at Mount Da Ao, it would be understandable, but they were at a completely different mountain.

She had to suspect that he was stalking her.

No matter what, she had to find out.

Jiang Zhennan replied, “Little White brought me here.”

Then, little white walked over to Lin Yuelans side and rubbed against her body.

Then, it turned around and looked at Jiang Zhennan together.

This confirmed that Jiang Zhennan was not lying.

However, Lin yuelan still didnt relax her grip.

She asked again, “what did you just see”

Jiang Zhennan replied, “I saw a vine that can change its appearance.” Jiang Zhennan did not hide anything from Lin Yuelan, because he knew that honesty was the best policy at this moment.

Lin Yuelans sharp eyes stared at Jiang Zhennan fiercely.

She asked coldly, “arent you afraid that I will kill you” Her cold voice was like the winds of winter.

The frost in her eyes proved that she was not joking.

She tightened her grip on Jiang Zhennans neck.

Jiang Zhennan took off his mask and faced Lin yuelan with his disfigured face.

He did not have any fear.

His eyes were very serious as he stared at Lin Yuelans cold and serious face.

He replied, “Im afraid!”

Lin Yuelan was a little surprised by this answer.

She knew that Jiang Zhennan was a cold and iron-blooded soldier and a decisive defender-general of the state.

He was not one to lie because he was threatened.

“Why” Lin Yuelan asked.

Jiang Zhennan said very seriously, “Because I dont want to die! Because I know that I am not Miss YueErs opponent.

If Miss YueEr wants to kill me, I wont have any chance to live! But even so, I want to come clean.

I dont want to lie to Miss YueEr simply out of cowardice!”

Lin Yuelan was surprised when she heard that.

“And to be honest with Miss YueEr, this is not the first time I saw the vine.

When we first met, I had already seen the vines transformation and heard you converse with it!”

Jiang Zhennans words struck Lin Yuelan like lightning!


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