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Lin Yuelan also nodded seriously and said in an imposing manner, “I hope you can keep your word!”

“I, Jiang Zhennan, will always keep my promise!” Jiang Zhennan replied in a serious manner without any hesitation.

After staring at Jiang Zhennans serious face for a while, Lin Yuelan suddenly burst out laughing.

She then waved her hand and said, “Okay, okay, masked uncle, I believe you.”

Jiang Zhennans serious and cold face immediately softened.

“Thank you, Miss YueEr!” He thanked her sincerely.

Lin Yuelan smiled and shook her head.

She immediately thought of something and asked, “masked uncle, is there something you need from me You should be developing the wildlands, right” At this point, Lin Yuelan looked at Jiang Zhennan suspiciously, “masked uncle, youre not trying to slack off, are you I say, masked uncle, you cant do this.

Developing wildlands is not easy.

If you slack off, when will we get this done”

At this moment, Lin Yuelan no longer had the solemn, cold, and imposing manner she had just moments ago.

She seemed to have become a completely different person.

Looking at Lin Yuelan returning to her usual cute self, Jiang Zhennans lips curled up, showing his relaxation and joy.

He said, “Miss YueEr, dont worry.

The ten mu of land will be ready soon!” Other than the five strong men, Lin Yuelan had used 30 taels of silver to buy some farming equipment and cattle.

With the labor and tools, it wouldnt take that long to develop the land.

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“Its just that, when you were not in the village, there were rumors that were very unfavorable to you,” Jiang Zhennan said truthfully.

“So, I came to warn you about it.” Jiang Zhennan had heard about the story of Lin Yuelans return from the death from Gou Bing.

Jiang Zhennan felt sad and distressed for the child who had suffered so much.

When he heard that Lin Yuelan had been beaten to death, he was so angry that he wanted to kill these culprits and avenge Lin Yuelan.

What did Lin Yuelan do wrong The villagers shoved the blame onto Lin Yuelan with just words from an unknown Taoist priest.

They didnt care about the evidence or the harm they had inflicted on the young woman.

They were just venting all their dissatisfaction on a child because their lives were not going well!

It was really too infuriating! This was too much!

Fortunately, heaven was fair! Lin Yuelan died and then returned with the ability to protect herself.

Lin Yuelan would be able to defend herself from the monsters.

Lin Yuelan raised her eyebrows and asked, “masked uncle, how long have you been up here”

Jiang Zhennan did not know what Lin Yuelan meant, but he still answered truthfully, “it has been a day.”

The mountain road was not easy to walk on.

If one were not careful, they could fall into a pit or under a cliff.

Other than watching where ones feet landed, one had to pay attention to the ferocious beasts that called the forest home.

The thick branches and dense leaves also made the visibility in the forest very low.

He had spent half a day searching for Lin Yuelan in the vicinity of Mt.

Dao Ao, but he couldnt find her.

Fortunately, he found little white in a dry cave.

He asked little white to lead him to Lin Yuelan.

If little white could carry him, it would definitely save him a lot of trouble.

But the problem was that little white wouldnt carry anyone but Lin Yuelan.

Therefore, Jiang Zhennan only followed behind Little White.

Even though Mount Da Ao and Mount Da Qi were adjacent to each other, the journey to cross from one mountain to another was not easy.

An ordinary person couldnt complete this journey in one day.

Thankfully, Jiang Zhennan had Little White lead the way.

He had taken fewer detours, but it still took him around half a day.

In other words, it had been a day and a night since he went up the mountain to look for Lin Yuelan.

By the time he found Lin Yuelan, it was already the day after.


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