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On their way back to the village, when the villagers saw the majestic white tiger and the seemingly innocent girl on the back of the tiger, they immediately hid to the side and waited for them to pass before they dared to come out and take a look at the distant figures.

“The jinx is so shameless at such a young age.

She didnt come home for a few days, and once she came back, she had a man following her.

Who would believe that theres nothing going on between them” Lin Chongs wife or Er Gou Zis mother looked at Lin Yuelan with contempt.

She was still furious that Lin Yuelan had scared her son two months ago.

“Didnt they say that the jinx is destined to curse everyone near her The jinx is very close to those men, so why are they all fine” Da Mao Ers mother asked suspiciously.

“That is not true.

Didnt you see those men when they first entered our village Their clothes were torn, and their bodies were covered in blood.

Their faces were pale, and they were limping.

That must be the curse of the jinx!” Their imagination was really rich.

“Hmm, youre right.” Someone chimed in.

After a while, he thought of something and said, “When the jinx was not around, didnt Master Lin Qi say that were going to punish the jinx for being morally unscrupulous But Master Lin Qi is now incapacitated.

So what are we going to do about the punishment now” As soon as that was said, the others fell silent.

With regard to Lin Yuelan, the villagers were still fearful of her.

Other than her jinx identity, she had terrifying divine strength and other powers.

They were afraid that Lin Yuelan would suddenly pummel them to death because they had said something wrong.

What would they do then

In short, what they were afraid of was that their lives could be snuffed out by Lin Yuelan at any moment.

Therefore, they wanted to get rid of this threat.

However, this hope was very bleak, so they needed to use another method to make Lin Yuelan submit.

Since she was living in the Lin Family Village, then she had to serve the Lin Family Village.

Therefore, the adults had been finding a reason to punish Lin Yuelan.

They wanted to break her mind so that shed succumb to their demands.

The ambiguous relationship between Lin Yuelan and Jiang Zhennan was the perfect excuse.

Alas, it had all gone up in smokes.

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Lin Qi, the village elder, was already powerless.

The other powerful village figure was the village chief, but Lin Yiwei clearly didnt mind Lin Yuelan.

As for the others, they didnt dare to meddle in Lin Yuelans business.

They were afraid of Lin Yuelans revenge.

That was a simple truth.

Lin Chongs wife shouted, “This damn jinx has an ambiguous relationship with so many men.

She has done such an immoral thing in the village.

She must give us an explanation, right Are we all going to watch as the jinx destroys the entire village”

“Lin Chongs wife.” A woman older than Lin Chongs wife said, “Then, tell me, how do you intend to get the explanation from the jinx Are you going to go to the jinx and tell her to stop doing those immoral things Do you have the guts”

Lin Chongs wife immediately fell silent.

Lin Yuelan was more terrifying than a demon.

She did not dare to approach her.

“Is there really no way to deal with that wretched girl” Da Mao Ers mother asked in a low voice.

Everyone was silent!

“Why dont we find a Taoist priest” Da Mao Ers mother suggested in a soft voice.

“Why would we do that” The older woman, Liu Dongmei, or Lin Laolius wife, asked doubtfully.

“Lets see if we can take back that girls divine power.” Da Mao Ers mother said weakly.

Da Mao Ers mother was thin and weak and spoke in a soft and gentle voice, but her heart was vicious.

Why would Da Mao Ers mother want to target Lin Yuelan

It was mainly because she had a guilty conscience and was very afraid.

This was because her Da Mao Er was part of the group that had kicked Lin Yuelan to death.


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