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Some of the customers, who didnt know what was going on, nodded in agreement.

Manager Liu immediately asked in a serious tone, “Then, Sir, how much do you want in compensation”

The man extended five fingers.

“Five taels of silver” Manager Liu asked.

“Do you think Im a beggar Five hundred teals!” The man demanded an exorbitant price.

The moment he said that, everyone gasped.

This man was really brazen.

Was his body made of gold The managers offer of five teals was already very generous.

After all, three taels of silver were enough to feed a large family for half a year.

“After you pay me, Yuelai Inn will have to make a public apology and stop cooking fish.

Otherwise, Ill come here every day to make a scene and let everyone in Ning An town know that the fish in Yuelai Inn are poisonous.

Lets see if anyone will come here to eat in the future!” The man threatened.

Manager Liu was amused by this shameless customer.

Instead of getting angry, he laughed and said, “Sir, it seems that you still dont understand what I said before.

All right, Ill say it again.

The fish sold by Yuelai Inn are only carps, crucian carps, grass carps, and big-headed carps.

Everyone, tell me, are these fish poisonous” The second half of the sentence was directed at all the guests.

“How come weve been serving fish for half a month, and we have no complaints, but suddenly, you came and shouted that youve been poisoned Then, you demanded five hundred taels of silver as compensation and a public apology from Yuelai Inn.

Then, you demand that Yuelai Inn stop serving fish.

It sounds like you want Yuelai Inn to close down!”

Manager Liu spoke eloquently, and the guests in the main hall began to whisper to each other.

They immediately understood that the man was trying to frame Yuelai Inn!

Soon, someone stood up and said, “Manager, Ive been eating fish here for more than half a month.

Whether its carps, carps, grass carps, or bighead carps, they are very delicious.

Plus, Im sure they are not poisonous.

See, arent I standing here perfectly fine”

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“Thats right.

Ive also been eating fish here for more than ten days.

I also feel very fine.

The fish tastes good, and they put less stress on the body.”

“I agree.”

The customers in the hall all agreed that the fish made by Yuelai Inn was not poisonous at all.

The man looked around and realized that the situation was getting worse for him.

He gritted his teeth and rolled on the ground, continuing to curse, “How can this man be so black-hearted I was poisoned by his food, and now hes twisting the truth to slander my name…” He rolled on the ground and screamed in pain.

Manager Liu was speechless when he saw such a scoundrel.

Just as he was about to report this to the authorities, Lin Yuelan suddenly stepped forward.

She squatted down and asked the man with a worried face, “uncle, are you in pain”

“Ouch…” The man shouted, “Yes, Uncle is in a lot of pain!”

Lin Yuelan nodded, then took the mans hand and made a gesture of checking his pulse.

Then, she put his hand down and said seriously, “Yes, uncle, youre indeed poisoned.

The poison is very powerful, and its about to erode your internal organs.”

Lin Yuelans words shocked everyone in the hall.

Manager Liu was even more confused.

He walked to Lin Yuelans side and whispered to her, “Miss Lin, its obvious that someone deliberately set up this man to frame Yuelai Inn.

Hes shouting that he has a stomach ache, but its clearly fake.

How could he be poisoned”

Lin Yuelan whispered back, “Manager Liu, dont worry.

Just sit back and watch the show.”

Although Manager Liu was a little suspicious, he knew that Lin Yuelan was very smart.

Since she told him to watch the show, that was what hed do.

When the man heard Lin Yuelan, he immediately panicked.

He knew very well that he was not poisoned.

Therefore, when Lin Yuelan diagnosed the poison in his body, he panicked.


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