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However, when the man thought of the five hundred taels of silver, he immediately echoed in shock, “What Is the poison that strong”

The guests who were watching the show were very suspicious.

They had long heard of Lin Yuelans name.

In addition to having divine strength, Lin Yuelan was a famous jinx.

Her reputation had spread all over the small Ning An town.

However, the townspeople had never heard that she knew medical skills.

One of the customers stood up and asked suspiciously, “miss Lin, youre not just making things up, are you According to our knowledge, you dont know medicine.” Then, he pointed at the man and said, “look at this man.

Hes holding his stomach and screaming that his stomach hurts.

However, his voice is still so powerful and strong.

One look, and you can tell that hes a scoundrel who is pretending to be poisoned to extort money from Yuelai Inn!”

There were many clear-minded people among the guests.

They knew that the man just wanted to extort money from Yuelai Inn and ruin the inns reputation.

Clearly, the man was a ruffian hired by Yuelai Inns competition.

Of course, none of the customers pointed that out loud because it was not their business.

Lin Yuelan shook her head and said, “Actually, Im studying medicine.

Although I dont know how to treat those difficult diseases, I can still treat some minor illnesses and pain.

However, this uncles situation is very special.

His pulse is very chaotic, as if he will die at any moment.

Therefore, I can conclude that he is deeply poisoned.

If he is not cured soon, then its very likely that hell go down for a permanent slumber.” The meaning was clear.

“Impossible!” The man immediately shrieked in panic, “Im not poisoned, so why would I die” As soon as he said that, the main hall fell silent!

By then, the man realized he had misspoken.

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“Oh, uncle, so youre not poisoned!” Lin Yuelan gasped in shock.

“I guess I was not accurate with my diagnosis then.

Some time ago, I saw a patient with a stomach ache just like you at doctor Lins place.

Doctor Lin said the patient was poisoned, so I assume uncle has the same illness!” Doctor Lin was the shopkeeper of the Lin familys medicine store.

After Lin Yuelan said that, the crowd became quiet for a while before bursting into laughter.


This is interesting!”

“Haha, this miss Lin is really smart.

She manages to lure the man into confessing with just her words.”

“Its a pity that she is a jinx.

She is such a smart and capable girl.

Otherwise, its a blessing for any man to marry her.”

When the ruffian realized what was going on, he immediately got up from the ground and shouted at Lin Yuelan angrily, “You wretched girl.

What have you done Ill teach you a lesson for messing with me!” He stretched out his leg to kick Lin Yuelans stomach.

When the others saw this, they immediately cried out in alarm and became a little worried.

After all, the ruffian was an adult, and Lin Yuelan was a frail young woman.

If she was kicked, even if she didnt die, she would be heavily injured.


Contrary to everyones expectations, the person who fell down was the ruffian.

Then, they realized the young woman was blessed with divine power and could knock out a big tiger with one punch.

Therefore, she would have no issue handling an adult man.

The ruffian shriveled up, and everyone started to laugh again.

They were mocking the ruffian.

Manager Liu walked up to the ruffian and said sternly, “Lai Xiaowu, I dont care if you came up with this plan on your own or if someone directed you to come to make trouble at Yuelai Inn.

This is the only time Im letting you off.

If theres a next time, Ill drag you to court!”

As the largest restaurant in Ning An town, Yuelai Inns business had always been good.

Even though the business had declined some time ago due to improper employment, Yuelai Inn still had a lot of customers.

Yuelai Inn had always enjoyed some healthy competition in Ning An Town.

However, ever since they started working with Lin Yuelan to develop new dishes, Yuelai Inns business had been booming day by day.

Customers flocked in from other inns and restaurants.

This naturally earned the ire of the other owners.

Therefore, they came up with a plan together, which was to ruin the reputation of Yuelai Inn, and then make them stop selling fish.

They wanted to suppress Yuelai Inn until it closed down.

Of course, to do something like this, they had to deal a fatal blow.

Otherwise, what was waiting for them was likely to be revenge.

However, they didnt expect Lai Xiaowu not to take the stomach laxative they had prepared for him.

In fact, he was so stupid that he was tricked into revealing the truth.

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After being warned by Manager Liu, Lai Xiaowu got up from the ground and said to Lin Yuelan fiercely, “you little brat, just you wait!” Then, he fled from Yuelai Inn in a sorry state.

Manager Liu immediately cupped his fists at Lin Yuelan and said gratefully, “thank you, miss Lin, for your quick-witted rescue!” Even though he knew that Lai Xiaowu was pretending to be poisoned, they would need some time to find evidence to prove that it was not the case.

Calling a doctor to examine Lai Xiaowu would have taken half a day already.

By then, Lai Xiaowus constant wailing would have affected business at the inn.

Fortunately, Lai Xiaowu was dumb.

Lin Yuelan managed to get him to spill the beans with a few words.

Lin Yuelan waved her hand and said, “Manager Liu, youre too kind.

I didnt do anything!” Then, she added, “But Manager Liu, its best to find out who the mastermind is as soon as possible.

Otherwise, this will only happen again.” It was obvious that someone had ordered Lai Xiaowu to do this.

The purpose was clear.

Manager Liu immediately replied, “youre right, miss Lin!”

Little Twelve praised Lin Yuelan endlessly after they left Yuelai Inn.

“miss Lin, youre so smart! Youre smarter than our boss!”

Lin Yuelan rolled her eyes and said to little twelve coldly, “Is your boss very smart Why would you compare me to him”

Little twelve immediately covered his mouth and shook his head at Lin Yuelan.

In fact, their boss was really smart.

Otherwise, he wouldnt have been able to lead them to beat the enemies so many times.

However, he didnt dare to say these words out loud.

What if Miss Lin was unhappy

Along the way, little twelve kept his mouth shut and followed Lin Yuelan all the way to the Jinyun Ge.


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