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Then, Lin Yuelan said sternly, “If they betray Jinyun Ge, I doubt theyll have a peaceful retirement.

In fact, they may end up in a more miserable state.

Id advise them not to try it.

I dont think they would want to see the result.”

Lin Yuelan would always give a stern warning first to deter people with ill intentions.

It would be late to give the warning after the fact.

Lin Yuelan chose the age of 55 because that was the average lifespan of people in that era.

People who lived to 70 were very rare.

Therefore, Lin Yuelan wanted to make arrangements for her employees retirement around 55.

When Manager Li that Lin Yuelan would offer retirement care, he was shocked.

This benefit was unheard of!

From what he heard, Lin Yuelan would pay for the employees pensions after they had retired.

Was he right

However, this benefit was too good that it sounded unreal.

Many elders had to come out to work in their twilight years because they had no one to take care of them.

This would solve that problem.

Once Jinyun Ge released this benefit, many people would rush over to work here.

However, Manager Li still had some concerns.

“Boss, isnt this too heavy a burden” Could Jinyun Ge afford to handle so many pensioners

Lin Yuelan said seriously, “Uncle Li, believe me.

This wont be a burden!” As for why, Lin Yuelan didnt explain much.

Lin Yuelan borrowed the modern employee management model, which calculated the retirement amount of each employee and the pension system based on their qualifications, age, and contribution points.

The reason why Manager Li was worried was that he was only thinking about the current business situation of Jinyun Ge, and had not anticipated the prospects of Jinyun Ge in the future.

Then again, this was not his fault.

He was not from the future after all.

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Lin Yuelans goal was to expand the business all over the world and dominate the fashion market.

Lin Yuelan knew that once she had saved Jiang Zhennan and his people, her life in the future wouldnt be peaceful.

Therefore, she had to get stronger before the troubles arrived.

Then, she would have backing in the future.

“Also, Uncle Li, all the workers of Jinyun Ge must start working at 7:45 am every day until 5:35 pm.

They will get two hours to rest in the middle, and they will have two days of break every week.

Their salary will be paid like normal.” Lin Yuelan said.

Manager Li was a little confused.

“Boss, can we sustain this kind of working schedule I doubt any work will get done.” In this era, basically, everyone worked for more than twelve hours a day.

They wouldnt even have a break in the middle to eat.

The work schedule set up by Lin Yuelan was unheard of.

They only needed to work eight hours a day.

Most importantly, they had two days off for every five days they worked.

This was simply a dream for the workers.

However, it was a nightmare for the bosses.

Lin Yuelan smiled.

“This work schedule will provide the best working condition.

Its much more efficient than forcing the workers to work more than 12 hours a day.

Uncle Li, if you dont believe me, you can try the schedule first.

What do you think”

People of this era might not understand this arrangement, but Lin Yuelans arrangement was based on a scientific basis.

Manager Li decided to do a test first.

Manager Li asked, “Boss, why are you giving them two days of rest every week If they work only eight hours per day, they should have enough rest already.”


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