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Lin Yuelan smiled and said, “Alright, alright, Ill stop.


Well go and buy some daily necessities.” After all, there were many people living with her now.

Everything was used so quickly.

Lin Yuelan and little twelve left the Jinyun Ge and ran to the medicine shop.

Lin Yuelan got 100 taels of silver in advance from Liu Qi.

She used half to buy a cow.

Then, she used more to buy fields and develop new land.

Therefore, Lin Yuelan became a penniless pauper again.

Fortunately, she had picked some medicinal herbs in the mountains, and some medicinal herbs in her space could be harvested already.

She would sell them.

They arrived at the Lin familys medicine store.

The attendant saw Lin Yuelan and immediately greeted her, “Miss Lin!”

Lin Yuelan had carried a tiger to sell here before, so naturally, he remembered her.

Lin Yuelan nodded.

Then, she raised her head and asked, “Im here to sell medicinal herbs.

Is Manager Lin here”

The attendant immediately asked curiously, “Miss Lin, what medicinal herbs do you want to sell Do you mind showing it to me first”

Lin Yuelan didnt hesitate.

She jumped onto the stool, stood on it, and opened her backpack.

Then, she took out a paper bag.

After that, she slowly opened the paper package.

The attendants forehead wrinkled.

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“Oh, my God!” The attendant was shocked.

“Miss Lin, this is ginseng.

You actually… actually wrapped it in the paper! Youre wasting such a great gift!” As he said that, his expression was one of heartache.

Lin Yuelans mouth twitched, and she said in surprise, “Brother, is this really ginseng”

The attendants mouth was wide open.

“Of course.

Miss Lin, how could you not recognize ginseng Dont you often go up the mountain”

Lin Yuelan said, “That doesnt mean I know everything on the mountain.

This is my first time seeing ginseng too.”

The attendant was curious.

“If you dont know ginseng, how did you get this, and why would you know to come here to sell it”

Lin Yuelan shrugged, “When I went up the mountain, I saw a blooming grass and thought it was very beautiful, so I wanted to transplant it at home.

But when I dug it up, I saw that its root looked like a carrot, and there were many beards.

I remembered the adults telling me thats what ginseng looks like.

“But Im not sure if this is ginseng.

I dont dare to show it to others too.

So I directly packaged it and came here to confirm it.”

Lin Yuelan was also good at lying.

Of course, she knew ginseng, and this was one she harvested from her space.

She asked, “Brother, since this is ginseng, can you take a look at how old it is I heard that the older it is, the more expensive it is, right”

She was very curious, very naïve, and very innocent!

The waiter coughed and said embarrassedly, “miss, Im not skilled enough to tell the age of your ginseng.

Ill get the shopkeeper.”

Lin Yuelan nodded.

After the waiter went in, a customer who seemed to be buying medicine at the side sidled over and said miserably, “Miss, my wife has suffered a huge hemorrhage during labor and is in urgent need of ginseng.

Miss, can you be kind and sell me this ginseng”

Lin Yuelan sized up this man.

He looked like a scholar, but the greed in his eyes exposed his lie.

Unfortunately for him, Lin Yuelan felt like having some fun.

She nodded and replied, “Uncle, sure.

How much are you going to pay for this ginseng” Lin Yuelan asked.

The scholars face immediately lit up with joy.

However, after a while, he sighed with a worried expression.

“Miss, Im very poor.

I probably cant afford this ginseng.

Forget it, forget it!” However, internally, he was happy.

He was just testing the waters to see if he could get this ginseng for free or at a low price.

Then, he would turn around and sell it at a high price.

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He didnt expect Lin Yuelan to be so gullible.

He had only said a few words, and she fell for it already.

Therefore, he continued his acting.

In his mind, Lin Yuelan would say, “If you really need this ginseng to save your wifes life, then Ill give it to you for free.”

But, the scholar had never expected that…

Lin Yuelan replied with sadness, “Okay then.

Since you dont have the money, we can forget about it.” Lin Yuelan then rolled her eyes in secret.

‘Do you think Im a three-year-old child

When the scholar heard Lin Yuelan, he felt like vomiting blood.

He didnt expect Lin Yuelan to stray from his script.

“But, miss, I really, really need this ginseng to save my wifes life!” The scholars words were helpless, and his expression was sorrowful.

It was as if his wife would really pass away in the next moment.

Lin Yuelan pursed her lips.

However, she still played along.

She held her chin with both hands and said sympathetically, “Uncle, I feel so sad for you.

Your wife is going to die because you dont have the money to save her.

Thats so sad!”

When the scholar heard this, he choked!

Lin Yuelan didnt fall for his act.

And she even said such cold-blooded words.

However, the scholar still did not give up.

He gritted his teeth.

He looked at Lin Yuelan and said pitifully, “miss, I only have 500 copper coins.

Can you show some mercy and show me this ginseng for that My wife needs this to save her life.”

Lin Yuelan chuckled and thought, “Uncle, youre funny.

You said you have no money, but now you suddenly have 500 copper coins Do you really think Im that stupid

“Youd buy this ginseng for a low price and then sell it for profit.

I doubt you even have a wife.

If you want to scam people, you better improve your acting skills! I can see the greed in your eyes very clearly.”

Lin Yuelan said sarcastically.

This caused the scholars face to turn red and white.

The trick that he had tried so many times had actually failed.

In fact, he was insulted.

The scholar immediately flew into a rage out of humiliation and roared at Lin Yuelan, “Dont you have any sympathy Its fine if you dont sympathize with me, but how can you humiliate me Youve really gone too far.” He had clearly forgotten that he wanted to scam Lin Yuelan first.

Lin Yuelan shrugged.

“Well, if you want to know, Im a jinx who is born without sympathy!”

The scholar was so angry that he wanted to go forward and grab Lin Yuelan.

At this moment, an angry shout came from inside.

“Chen Jiu, are you scamming my customers again”


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