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Shopkeeper Lin had heard of Lin Yuelans background.

He studied medicine, so he didnt believe in the superstitious stuff.

The people of the Lin family Village spread the news that Lin Yuelan was a jinx, but they all kept their mouths shut about the origin of her abilities, such as her sudden divine power or her ability to bond with animals.

This was because if this matter were to spread, the ones who would be humiliated and angered would be them, not Lin Yuelan.

After all, these powers were given to Lin Yuelan after she was sent back by the King of Hell.

So, the main question would become, why did Lin Yuelan die

This would drag up the issues of the Lin Family Village and how they had treated Lin Yuelan.

The villagers would be blamed for killing Lin Yuelan, and thus, the villagers had tacitly hidden everything that had happened after Lin Yuelans resurrection.

However, Lin Yuelans divine power was obvious to all.

When the Lin family villagers were asked, they could only reply with a dark face, “she was born with it! In fact, shes a jinx because shes stronger than a man!”

It was both contradictory and reasonable.

Of course, Lin Yuelan was happy that the villagers had acted like this.

Otherwise, troubles might come her way.

She could deal with the troubles easily, but they would be very annoying.

Thus, Shopkeeper Lin knew that Lin Yuelan had divine power, but he didnt know Lin Yuelan could bond with animals.

He didnt know that the beasts would not hurt Lin Yuelan.

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That was why he had shouted at Lin Yuelan.

He was worried about her safety.

Lin Yuelan was a little surprised, but she immediately showed a sincere smile.

She waved her hand and said, “Shopkeeper Lin, dont worry.

I am very strong.

I could knock out a big tiger with one punch.

What beasts could possibly hurt me Plus, I grew up around the mountains, and I know the mountain routes like the back of my hand.”

Shopkeeper Lin thought about it and nodded, “Even so, its better to be careful.”

Lin Yuelan could only nod and say, “yes, yes, shopkeeper Lin.

I will be very, very careful!”

Then, Lin Yuelan changed the topic and asked with a smile, “by the way, shopkeeper Lin, how much can I get for this ginseng”

Shopkeeper Lins face darkened.

He laughed and scolded, “you heartless little thing.

I was worried about you, but all you care about is money”

Lin Yuelan quickly explained, “Of course not! I know Shopkeeper Lin is a good man.

However, Ive run out of money, and I need to sell this ginseng.”

Shopkeeper Lin frowned.

He asked, “Girl, didnt you get three hundred taels of silver when you sold the tiger to me Where did the money go How can you run out of money so soon” He was worried that she had been scammed.

Lin Yuelan immediately waved her hand and said, “that money isnt enough.

All those money is gone after I bought a cow and a few Mus of land.”

Shopkeeper Lin didnt know what to say.

Three hundred taels were gone like that The young woman sure knew how to spend.

However, shopkeeper Lin was very curious and asked, “Girl, why do you buy land Can you work the field all by yourself”

“I bought the land because I want to be a landlady!” Lin Yuelan replied quickly and matter-of-factly.

In ancient times, there were two types of farmers, workers and land owners.

Lin Yuelans wish was to be a landlady who could lay back all day and collect rent.

She would just stay at home to eat and drink.

When shopkeeper Lin heard Lin Yuelans answer, he was slightly taken aback.

He had never thought that Lin Yuelan would have such a small but grand wish.

It was small because a landlady was still a farmer.

They merely had more land than a working farmer.

It was grand because it was every farmers greatest wish to become a landowner.

Then, they wouldnt need to worry about food and money anymore.

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