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Lin Deshan was roped in by Lin Yuelan.

From the moment Lin Yuelan stepped into the Lin pharmacy, she had set up a small trap for Lin Deshan.

She had lured him step by step.

In the end, Lin Deshan fell into the trap and agreed to cooperate with Lin Yuelan.

Lin Yuelan went to Lins medicine shop to test Lin Deshans character.

Then, she decided she would take him as her partner.

Shopkeeper Lin shook his head.

He could only laugh in amusement and anger.

“Girl, how do you propose we cooperate”

Lin Yuelan said, “Ill provide you with rare medicinal herbs.

Then, well split it 20 – 80.

You get 20%, and I get 80%!”

Shopkeeper Lin frowned slightly and asked in confusion, “What rare medicinal herbs And girl, dont you think youre being too greedy with this split” With only 20 percent, what profit could he make He would lose a lot.

Although Shopkeeper Lin was an honest man, he was also a businessman.

His goal was to earn profit.

Of course, he knew what rare herbs were, but they were hard to find.

That was why they were rare.

He didnt think that Lin Yuelan would be lucky enough to find wild ginseng in the mountains every day.

This was simply a fantasy.

Lin Yuelan could guess Lin Deshans thoughts from his suspicious expression.

He must be doubting her words.

Lin Yuelan told him directly, “By rare herbs, I mean hundred-year-old ginseng, thousand-year-old ginseng, thousand-year-old Lingzhi, Cordyceps, Snow Lotus, and so on.

I can supply all of them.

Now, do you think you will earn or lose money with the 20 percent profit”


She could ask Little Green to help her find these things.

Then, she would transplant them into her space.

Some of the rare herbs would gain spirituality after centuries of cultivation.

Lin Yuelan would never sell them.

Instead, she would invite them to her space and feed them with her spring water.

Then, she would sell these herbs branching roots.

For example, the 300-year-old ginseng that she was selling had been grown in her space for two months.

The source of this ginseng was a real thousand-year-old ginseng Lin Yuelan had found in Mount Da Ao.

Actually, when Lin Yuelan found it, the parent ginseng climbed up from the ground and ran away.

Lin Yuelan had to use her spring water to lure it back.

Unable to resist the temptation, it had come back coyly.

Through Little Greens mediation, Lin Yuelan understood that the ginseng had gained spirituality.

Of course, this didnt mean that the ginseng could morph into humans.

It only meant that they could sense their surroundings and the presence of danger.

Lin Yuelan currently had four ginsengs in her space.

They were all roots of this parent ginseng spirit.

To have more ginsengs, Lin Yuelan had to wait for this ginseng spirit to cultivate further or find another thousand-year-old parent ginseng.

Thankfully, the four ginsengs should last Lin Yuelan for a while.

Shopkeeper Lin was shocked after he heard Lin Yuelan.

Lin Yuelan made it sound like she could get her hands on these rare herbs as they grew in her backyard.

How was that possible

“How is that possible” Shopkeeper Lin asked in disbelief.

Lin Yuelans clear and loud voice replied, “why is it impossible I can go to places others cant.

In that case, why cant I find things others cant” Of course, Lin Yuelan wasnt stupid enough to tell him about the space.

Shopkeeper Lin still had his doubts.

He said, “Even so, how can you be sure that you can find these herbs every time You have to know that these herbs are valuable because they are rare.

Besides, youre so young.

How do you think Id feel knowing you have to go to the mountains and forests to find these herbs This is too dangerous!”


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