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Since they arrived here, they had become foodies.

Every day, they would fight for food.

It was like they would never be full.

Once the meal finished, they would already be thinking of the next meal.

Jiang Zhennan turned a deaf ear to Guo Bings words.

He was never a talkative person.

Although Guo Bing asked him this question every time, he had never answered it.

However, in his heart, he was also thinking about what delicious food Miss YueEr would make when she got home.

He never expected that he would become such a foodie!

Jiang Zhennan dug into the soil and stopped for a moment.

He took a towel and wiped his sweat.

Looking at the wildlands that were getting cleared up, the corners of Jiang Zhennans mouth under the mask curled up.

It was clear that he was really happy.

Then, he bent down and continued to dig.

Jiang Zhennan didnt answer Guo Bings question, but little three and little six immediately began to discuss the topic with great interest.

Little Six said, “No matter what Miss Lin cooks, its delicious.

And shell always make dishes weve never even heard of! They are really amazing!” His expression was clearly one of admiration.

Little three immediately nodded in agreement.

“I dont know where miss Lin learned to cook so many dishes.

Every dish she makes is so delicious.”

Guo Bings mind started to turn.

They heard all sorts of rumors about Lin Yuelan.

However, other than the malicious woman who told them that Lin Yuelan had been possessed by a demon, the other villagers had kept mum about it.

Even the children didnt want to talk about it.

It was like they had been instructed by their families to keep quiet.


Guo Bing immediately asked Jiang Zhennan doubtfully, “Boss, do you think Miss Lin was resurrected and was given many gifts by the King of Hell”

A weak and incompetent child who grew up in the countryside suddenly had divine strength.

Even her personality had undergone a tremendous change.

She could now murder a group of assassins without mercy.

No matter how Guo Bing looked at it, something was not right.

Therefore, there must be some inside story that no one knew.

Jiang Zhennan had the same doubts.

However, they knew that the answer to these doubts belonged only to Lin Yuelan.

Jiang Zhennan warned, “Xiao Bing, no matter what secret Miss YueEr has, it is not our place to ask.

No matter what, Miss YueEr is our savior.

Curiosity kills the cat! Plus, the more you dig around about this, the more likely youll put Miss YueEr in danger!” In other words, he was telling Guo Bing to shut up.

“Youre right, boss!” Guo Bing said.

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They didnt care who Lin Yuelan was in the past or in the future, but one thing was clear.

Without Lin Yuelan, they would not exist in this world anymore.

Little three and little six listened to their superiors words and remained silent.

No matter what kind of secret miss Lin had, they could not forget that miss Lin was their savior.

They could not be ungrateful!

That was the end of the topic.

Suddenly, Guo Bing thought of something else and asked doubtfully, “Boss, where has Liefeng been recently How come Ive not seen it”

Lin Yuelan came to save them because Liefeng asked her to.

After saving them, Liefeng followed her.

However, after that day, they hadnt seen Liefeng anymore.

Jiang Zhennan also had some doubts about Liefengs whereabouts.

However, he knew that Lin Yuelan wouldnt do anything to Liefeng, so he didnt need to worry.

Little Six, on the other hand, answered Guo Bing, saying, “Brother Guo, I saw Liefeng and little white go into the mountains the day before yesterday.”

Guo Bing was immediately surprised.

“Really What time was this How come I didnt see it” He was very curious.

How did a tiger and a horse get along so well



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