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While Jiang Zhennan was still in a daze, Guo Bing rushed in from outside.

He also saw the white and fat Yuan Bao and immediately exclaimed, “Miss Lin, what is this thing that looks like a Yuanbao Is it for tonights dinner”

Little twelve was making dough.

He answered Guo Bing, “brother Guo, miss Lin said that these are dumplings.

Well have dumplings tonight.

Guo Bing was puzzled.

“Dumplings What are dumplings”

They had never heard of food called dumplings.

He studied the dumplings.

It had a thin skin, and then the skin was wrapped around a filling.

It was like a bun but much smaller.

It looked cute, like a Yuanbao.

Little twelve couldnt explain it either, so he simply said, “if miss Lin says its called dumplings, then its dumplings.”

Lin Yuelan said to Guo Bing, “stop talking nonsense.

Come and help roll out the skin.” After that, she instructed little twelve, “brother little twelve, can you teach your Lieutenant how to roll the dumpling skin” They had to listen to miss Lins every word, or else they wouldnt get anything to eat.

If they refused, Lin Yuelan would always snatch the food from their plates with her chopsticks.

Thus, for the sake of food, they had to do whatever miss Lin said.

Guo Bing was ordered by Lin Yuelan to roll the dumpling skins, but Jiang Zhennan stood at the side in a daze as if he was wondering what he was going to do.

Lin Yuelan looked at the general and immediately smiled at Jiang Zhennan.

“Come, masked uncle, come and learn how to make dumplings!”

Guo Bing stopped for a moment and then continued to roll the dough with little twelve as if nothing had happened.

However, he muttered internally,This is clearly a cooking job.

I fear Boss is going to ruin it.

When Jiang Zhennan heard that Lin Yuelan wanted him to come over and make dumplings, he looked troubled.

He lowered his voice and said a little shyly, “Miss YueEr… that might not be a good idea.”


He was a big man with big hands and feet.

He could cut firewood or loosen the soil, but he definitely couldnt make dumplings.

Lin Yuelan thought for a moment and decided to agree with Jiang Zhennan.

If Jiang Zhennan ruined her dumplings, it would only waste the materials.

Lin Yuelan thus found another thing for Jiang Zhennan to do.

“Then go to the kitchen and start a fire.

Put half a pot of water in the pot first, and when the water is boiling, you can help put the dumplings in the pot.”

Jiang Zhennan immediately strode to the kitchen.

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Guo Bing clumsily learned how to roll the dough, but at the same time, he was watching the interaction between Lin Yuelan and Jiang Zhennan.

He felt that they had similar fates.

They were both deemed as a jinx.

They were both abandoned by their families, but they both strived to improve themselves and continued to live.

If it werent for the age difference, Guo Bing would be happy to see the two of them get married.

Since they were both jinxes, maybe the curses would cancel each other out.

‘Sigh, it all depends on fate! Why am I worried about that

Of course, Lin Yuelan and Jiang Zhennan did not know what was going on in Guo Bings mind.

Even if Lin Yuelan knew about it, she would only sneer coldly and then scold Guo Bing, “Worry about yourself first!”

Lin Yuelan focused on making the dumpling.

With a squeeze of her nimble fingers, she immediately finished making one.

Guo Bing and the others were amazed, but Lin Yuelan rolled her eyes and said, “practice makes perfect.

Dont you know that”

The dumplings were soon ready.

Lin Yuelan first scooped a bowl of dumplings for Doctor Zhang.

Then, she placed a small plate of soy sauce, vinegar, and a bowl of soup in front of everyone.

Lin Yuelan then taught everyone how to eat dumplings.

If you like soy sauce, dip it in soy sauce.

If you like vinegar, dip it in vinegar.

Doctor Zhang couldnt wait to try this thing called dumplings.

After the lesson by Lin Yuelan, he moved his chopsticks to grab a dumpling.

He dipped it in vinegar.

The dumpling was hot, but he didnt care.


This is really delicious!”


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