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Jiang Zhennan was a great general with profound inner Qi.

If he wanted to eavesdrop on the conversation between Lin Yuelan and Doctor Zhang in the backyard, could anyone stop him

Of course not.

When he heard Lin Yuelan describe another world, his shock was no less than Doctor Zhangs.

He really could not imagine that there was such a world where humans could fly in the sky and where men and women were equal.

Women even had the right to divorce their husbands.

He suddenly envied such an ordinary and peaceful life.

As Lin Yuelan described the apocalypse to Doctor Zhang, his face was full of horror.

He said in fear, “Is the end of the world so terrifying Is it worse than the drought” He had never heard of a world where humans turned into cannibals.

Lin Yuelan nodded and said, “Yes, its more terrible than farmers encountering drought.

This is because the conflict was more than that between humans.

It was a bloodthirsty place that was more terrifying than hell.

Animals, plants, and humans attacked each other, and humans mutated terrifying, man-eating zombies!”

Doctor Zhang didnt know what to say.

The original utopia became hell on earth.

“After I was betrayed during the apocalypse, I was taken back to the King of Hells Palace!” Lin Yuelan told a mixture of truth and lies.

She knew that as she gradually revealed her other extraordinary abilities, she needed a better excuse.

The King of Hell was her best excuse, but she needed something more to make it sound even more believable.

Therefore, she decided to add her own experience to it.

Technically, she was not lying.

After hearing Lin Yuelans explanation, Doctor Zhang fell silent.

‘It turned out that this child had such a fortuitous encounter.


He no longer suspected Lin Yuelan.

Doctor Zhang looked up to the sky and sighed.”Girl, being too clever will only bring trouble.

You must be careful in the future!” Human greed was horrible.

Lin Yuelan secretly heaved a sigh of relief.

When she heard Doctor Zhangs warning, she answered very seriously, “yes, Grandmaster!” She knew that her identity would cause suspicion eventually.

However, Doctor Zhangs suspicions were not for any ulterior motives, but he was truly worried about her.

“This soup is really fresh!” Guo Bing took a sip of the soup and immediately praised.

“I really didnt expect a few meatless bones to be able to flavor a soup so much.

Boss, its such a pity that we threw away those bones in the past!” He was referring to the food in the military camp.

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The food in the military camp was not very good, but Jiang Zhennan and Guo Bing had their own separate meals.

They had it slightly better.

They would sometimes get an extra piece of meat.

The soups they had in the camp were just made with some vegetables and a little minced meat.

However, no one had ever thought of using these bones to make soup.

Little Three, Little Six, and Little Twelve were holding the dumplings with chopsticks in one hand and drinking the soup with their heads lowered.

They secretly agreed with Guo Bing.

“This soup is so delicious.

Its such a pity that the people in the kitchen always threw away the bones.”

Jiang Zhennan was also holding a dumpling with one hand and a bowl of soup with the other.

He wasnt really listening because he was still thinking about the world described by Lin Yuelan.

He was glad that Lin Yuelan was sent to a peaceful world by the King of Hell at first.

However, he didnt expect that such a beautiful world would be destroyed and turned into hell on earth.

Lin Yuelan had actually struggled for another five years in the apocalypse.

In the end, she had been set up and was called back to Hell.

Then, the King of Hell sent her back to the Lin family Village.

This explained the great change in Lin Yuelan.

After all, Lin Yuelan had basically lived a different life during the short period when she was dead on the ground in Lin Family Village.


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