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At night, the moonlight was bright, and the place was quiet!

Lin Yuelan would walk around her house a few times after dinner.

This had been her habit since she was a child, and it had not changed even after the apocalypse.

“Miss YueEr!” Jiang Zhennan seemed to be waiting for her at the door.

Lin Yuelan laughed, “hey, masked uncle, why didnt you play cards with them”

This card was the poker card that modern people played.

Ever since Jiang Zhennan and the others came, sometimes they got bored sitting there.

Thus, Lin Yuelan invented the cards and taught them several ways to play them.

Lin Yuelan would occasionally play with them.

Of course, the cards were made of thin bamboo sheets, and patterns were drawn according to the four patterns of the cards.

There were 54 cards in a set, but since they were made of bamboo sheets, Lin Yuelan called them bamboo cards.

Jiang Zhennans magnetic voice replied, “No.

Theyre having a good time.

The card could be played with two people, three people, and even four people, but five people seemed a little redundant.

As the boss, he didnt want to take away their fun.


Lin Yuelan nodded and came out of the house.

She looked up at the big moon, her eyes filled with nostalgia and sadness.

Before the apocalypse, when her parents were still alive, she would go home to visit them every ten days or half a month.

Coincidentally, almost every time she returned home, the moon was either fully out or completely missing.

After the apocalypse, her parents were infected by the zombie virus.

At that time, she had not discovered Little Green, and she failed to save them.

As a result, they were torn apart by other zombies.

This had always been a regret in her heart.

Therefore, whenever the moon was full, she would miss her parents.

Jiang Zhennans sharp eyes discovered the reminiscence and pain in Lin Yuelans eyes, and his heart ached.

He knew that she was probably reminiscing about her family and friends from that other world.

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“Miss YueEr, I heard you talking with Doctor Zhang!” Jiang Zhennan suddenly said.

Lin Yuelan was stunned for a moment before she realized what he was saying.

Then, she asked sharply, “And then”

She had never intended to hide her conversation with Doctor Zhang from Jiang Zhennan.

She couldnt even if she wanted to anyway.

She had nine different abilities, but she wasnt omnipotent.

Jiang Zhennan had powerful Qi, and he was very close to them when she revealed thetruth to Doctor Zhang.

She wasnt able to control space, so she couldnt stop the sound from spreading.

Of course, those without powerful Qi still wouldnt hear them.

“Is there really such a world” Jiang Zhennan asked curiously.

Lin Yuelan nodded and said, “when I first arrived in that world, I was also shocked!”

Jiang Zhennan was a little silent.

He had no idea why he was doing this.

Perhaps he wanted to go to that world, or he wanted to know more about Lin Yuelan.

Perhaps it was both.

Even he himself was a little confused.

Recently, he felt more and more unlike himself.

He was not as calm and collected as he used to be.

He didnt know what the real reason was, but he felt that every change in him was related to his friend, Lin Yuelan.

Jiang Zhennans eyes were filled with even more curiosity as he asked, “Miss YueEr, can you tell me more about that beautiful and peaceful world”

Lin Yuelan was a little stunned, but she quickly reacted.

She nodded and said, “Well…”

As he listened to Lin Yuelan talk about that world, Jiang Zhennan was more and more intrigued.

Inside the door, four heads appeared.

Looking at the two people outside the door who were talking happily, Little Six asked curiously, “Brother Guo, what do you think the boss and miss Lin are talking about”

“Thats right, thats right.

What exactly are they talking about I dont think Ive seen Boss talk so animatedly with someone before.” Little twelve asked innocently.

Guo Bing gave each of them a smack on the head and said, “how would I know”

“But youre the smartest.” Little twelve touched the back of his head and said in a simple and honest way.


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