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After severing ties with Lin Laosans family, the girl became duller due to the rejection and loathing of the villagers.

She was not creative enough to weave such a colorful story.

Therefore, if Lin Yuelan really werent possessed by a demon, then her shocking transformation could really be due to a fortuitous encounter with the King of Hell.

The jinx was really not fated for death.

Even after she died, she was sent back by the King of Hell.

Some villagers shivered.

They decided to stay away from the jinx in the future.

If they were accidentally kicked to death by the jinx, it would be a real waste.

Of course, there were others who still thought Lin Yuelan was possessed and that she had been spouting nonsense.

Ying Zi looked at Lin Yuelan angrily and pulled her mother, Gu Sanniang, to give her a look in secret.

Gu Sanniang was a rural woman.

When she was young, her husband died early, and she only had one daughter.

She had very little status in her in-laws family.

Her mother-in-law plotted with her sons to sell Gu Sanniang and her daughter.

After Gu Sanniang found out, she grabbed the woodcutter and hacked at the door.

She said that shed kill the whole family and then herself before she would allow herself and her daughter to be sold.

Gu Sanniang was originally a gentle and fragile woman, but for the sake of her only daughter, she became extremely selfish and shrewd.

Her only daughter, Ying Zi, was raised to be an extremely selfish child.

Whenever Ying Zi wanted something, Gu Sanniang would do anything to get it.

It didnt matter even if she had to destroy or harm other people for it.

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Ying Zi was a very smart girl.

Her best ability was to be able to read the situation rapidly and then decide on the people and objects that she could use to create the most advantageous outcome for herself.


Coincidentally, she viewed Lin Yuelan, who was the same age as her, as a thorn in her flesh.

This was the perfect chance for her to kill Lin Yuelan, so how could she not take advantage of it

She thought that she had already encouraged the boys to kill Lin Yuelan, but who would have thought that Lin Yuelan would come back smarter and quicker with her words.

She was turning the tide around.

How could Ying Zi allow Lin Yuelan to do that

Mother and daughter were united, so naturally, Gu Sanniang knew what her daughter was thinking.

Gu Sanniang said sharply, “Dont be deceived by her.

Who knows if shes telling the truth

“She is probably possessed by a powerful demon and that is why she can make up the crazy story for the sudden change in her.

“We mustnt let this demon go.

If we do, the whole village will be cursed.

Everyone, you have to consider this carefully.

Do not fall for her lies.”

Some villagers were swayed by Gu Sanniangs words.

At that moment, Lin Yuelan suddenly cried pitifully and aggrievedly, “Aunt Gu, why do you insist on accusing me like this

“I was really kicked to the Palace of Hell and met an uncle there.

He said my lifespan wasnt over yet, and thus he sent me back after giving me divine strength.

“When I returned, Er Gou Zi was checking whether I was dead or not.

In the shock of the moment, I accidentally picked up Er Gou Zi.

It was only then that I realized I had met the King of Hell.

“Uncle Dawei, you have to believe me.”

Lin Yuelan became anxious as if she didnt know how to explain she had really met the King of Hell.

Then, her eyes lit up as if she had thought of something.

She looked at Gu Sanniang and said,

“Oh, right, Aunt Gu, I saw Uncle Damao.

He told me to tell you that you havent burned paper money for him for eight years already.

He has to beg on the path of hell because he doesnt have enough money to pay Meng Po to cross the bridge.

“He also wanted me to tell you that if youre really lonely, you can remarry.

Theres no need to sneak around anymore.

He will not blame you.”



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