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Lin Yiwei was even more confused.

“Brother Zhou, since this field has been sold, of course, I cant let you use this land anymore.

Isnt that common sense”

Brother Zhou was a little embarrassed.

Then, the woman beside him immediately came up and said in a righteous tone, “Brother Village Chief, its like this.

You see, our Zhou family only has these five mu of land in total.

If we sell them all, how can our family live”

Lin Yiwei was even more confused.

He continued to ask, “Then, you dont have to sell all five Mus of them.”

The Zhou couple was speechless.

Their gambler son owed more than a hundred taels of silver.

The creditor had said that if the money was not paid back within three days, then their son would use one of his hands and one of his legs to pay.

However, where would the couple find the money

Ever since their son learned to gamble, they had lost everything they had earned over the past few decades.

They even owed a lot of debts.

Now, they even owed the casino more than a hundred taels of silver.

At the moment, the most valuable thing they had was the fields they had taken care of for their entire lives.

They had no choice but to sell their fields.

However, if they sold their land, what would happen to their lives

Brother Zhou was a little stunned.

“We had to do this because were in urgent need of money.”

Lin Yiwei scratched his head and asked again, “so Are you guys selling or not”

Madam Zhou immediately replied, “yes, of course, were selling.

However, can you pay first, and well hand you the title deed later We really need this.” As she said that, she had a pleading look on her face.

Hearing this, Lin Yiwei immediately understood their plan.

Lin Yiwei did not speak immediately.

Instead, he turned to Lin Yuelan and asked, “LanEr, what do you think”

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If this family were really simple farmers, she would probably agree to such a request.

After all, farmers who sold their fields would be in a very difficult situation.

However, she had just observed that Zhou Ping and his wife had sinister intentions in their eyes when they heard that Lin Yuelan would buy the land.

Lin Yuelan immediately refused, “Impossible! Ill give you the money, and youll give me the land deed, or you can keep the land to yourself.”

Zhou Ping and his wifes expressions turned ugly.

Zhou Ping immediately explained, “Miss, its like this.

We cant find the title deed for this five mu of land at the moment, but well deliver it later.

Thats reasonable, right”

Lin Yuelan stared at him with her sharp eyes and asked sharply, “Are you really unable to find the title deed Or do you plan to plant the field after I pay the money Since the deed is still with you, the fields will still be yours.

I wouldnt be able to do anything then even though youve taken my money.

Isnt that what youre planning”

Land transactions were based on the title deed.

The land belonged to whoever had the title deed.

Did Zhou Ping and his wife really take her for a fool

Everyone in the Zhou Family Village knew that the couple had to sell their land because of their gambler son.

The title deed was such an important thing.

How could it be lost

Zhou Ping and his wifes expressions turned even uglier.

Madam Zhou turned angry.

“Why dont you pay up first then Once we find the title deed, well immediately send it over to you.

Is that not enough”

Lin Yuelan immediately rejected her sternly, “Ive already said that Ill hand over the money when I see the deed!”

Zhou Ping immediately said, “Why are you so stubborn Arent you afraid that we wont sell these fields to you” He could see that Lin Yuelan wanted his fields.

Lin Yuelan shrugged.

“Be my guest!”


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