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Zhou Guixiang secretly rolled her eyes and scoffed at Lin Sannius words.


What a useless man to let his mother beat and scold his own children.

I wouldnt have allowed that. Of course, she didnt say that out loud.

In any case, everything that Lin Sanniu did was beneficial to the Lin family and them.

Only a fool would expose Lin Sannius stupidity.

Zhou Guixiang immediately consoled him, “third brother, this isnt your fault.

No one expected you to give birth to a jinx.

The jinx is born to bring down the Lin Family.

Now, shes even capable of doing so.

Shes picking on our Lin family in every way she can.

Mother and brother were scared out of their wits by her.”

At this point, she paused and glanced at Li Cuihua from the corner of her eye.

She was very satisfied to see Li Cuihuas anger.

She continued, “What mother and brother did was to return to the house which originally belonged to us.

But they were caught as thieves.

It was too much!” She said with a look of indignation.

She was hinting to Lin Daniu that Lin Yuelans current home actually belonged to the Lin Family.

As expected…

“Oh, Ive got it!” When Lin Daniu heard Zhou Guixiang, he immediately had an idea.

He slapped his thigh and said excitedly, “Mother, I got it! I got it!”

Everyone looked at Lin Daniu with curiosity.

Li Cuihua asked, “eldest son, what idea have you come up with Tell me.

Youre making me so anxious.

Lin Daniu said, “mother, have you forgotten That wretched girl is currently living in our Lin familys old house.

She still has three or two plots of land under our family name.

In the past, she was pitiful.

She had no one, so we gave her those things because we pitied her.

“However, things are different now.

Now that shes rich, what reason does she have to occupy our things So…”

When Lin Daniu said this, everyones eyes lit up.

Li Cuihua quickly asked, “Eldest son, so…”

“So, if that wretched girl continues to occupy our familys things, then shell have to pay us.

If she doesnt, then well take back the ancestral house.

“Thats our ancestral home anyway, and shes an outsider.” Lin Daniu said it as if he made a lot of sense.


Thats right,” Li Cuihua immediately echoed.

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Lin Laosan took a deep puff and nodded slightly.

Lin Erniu and Zhou Guixiang looked at each other and nodded their heads without anyone noticing.

After that, Zhou Guixiang gave Lin Erniu a look.

Lin Erniu stood out and said, “father, mother, this is a little inappropriate!”

“How is it inappropriate” Lin Daniu immediately countered.

Lin Ernius expression changed drastically as he hurriedly explained, “big brother, Im not saying that your idea is inappropriate.

But, have you all forgotten Back then, in order to prevent us from suddenly taking back the ancestral home, Lin Yiwei asked our parents to give her the house and land deeds in front of all the elders and the whole village.” This meant that the house and land had nothing to do with Lin Laosans family anymore.

After Lin Ernius reminder, Lin Danius slightly excited expression immediately quieted down.

Lin Laosan took a deep puff of his cigarette and frowned.

He asked in a deep voice, “eldest son, second son, is there any way to take back the ancestral home and the land”

He had never liked Lin Yuelan ever since she was born.

Ever since the Taoist priest declared that she was a jinx, he hated her even more.

Otherwise, he would not have allowed Li Cuihua to cause such a small ruckus and force Lin Sanniu to personally kill his daughter.

He was ruthless and heartless.

Lin Daniu furrowed his brows as well.

He did not know what to do.

Lin Erniu put on an act and lowered his head slightly.

After thinking for a moment, he said, “Father, if we really want to take back the ancestral home, we need the elders to side with us.

After all, Lin Yuelan has nothing to do with our family anymore.

Shes an outsider, so theres no reason for her to continue occupying the Lin familys things.

“So, well give that wretched girl two choices now.

Either shell pay use five hundred taels to buy those things, or well have the village elders come forward to take these things back for us.”

Lin Sanniu and his wife asked for 300 taels of silver for family support.

Now, Lin Erniu was asking for 500 taels of silver for a shabby little thatched house and some low-grade land.


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