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Furthermore, Lin Laosans family still had a Li Hehua with a broken leg.

Doctor Zhang had treated her for a small fee, and she had almost fully recovered.

However, she still needed to have follow-ups with Doctor Zhang to prevent side effects.

If Doctor Zhang stopped treating them, Li Cuihua might end up with a crippled daughter-in-law.

How embarrassing would that be

In reality, Doctor Zhangs words were directed not only at Li Cuihua but also at the entire village.

Those who dared to bully Lin Yuelan might end up on Doctor Zhangs blacklist, like Lin Laosans family.

In an instant, the surrounding villagers all had different thoughts.

Lin Yuelan was a jinx to her husband.

This was a fact that couldnt be ignored.

However, it was not verified if Lin Yuelan would jinx her family.

Three years ago, before Lin Yuelan severed ties with Lin Laosans family, Lin Laosans family had lived a pretty good life.

Every year, they had some surplus income to support Lin Dazongs education and examinations.

However, after Lin Yuelan was chased out of Lin Laosans family, their lives got worse.

Lin Dazong failed the exams repeatedly.

Lin Danius wife had a miscarriage two years ago, and it was a son.

Lin Siniu had married his wife for two years, but she hadnt gotten pregnant.

Many people suspected that she had slept with too many men in the past and that she had become infertile.

There was also news that Lin Daniu had hooked up with a married woman in the town.

The husband came to fight him.

None of these had anything to do with Lin Yuelan.

The rumors said that Lin Yuelan would curse anyone close to her.

However, nothing happened after Lin Mingqings accident.

For example, Lin Dawei, who would help Lin Yuelan from time to time, had not met with any mishaps in the past three years.

Moreover, nothing had happened to the wealthy siblings in town.

And Doctor Zhang had taken the girl in as his granddisciple, and nothing happened to him too.

This was human nature.

When it came to their own interests, they would be selfish.

Only when they were knocked on the head that they would see things from a different perspective.

With Doctor Zhangs warning, they started to see things from a different perspective and realized that the rumors about the jinx might not all completely be true.

For the ignorant villagers, the fact that Lin Yuelan was a jinx became an outlet for them to vent their anger.

They bullied her because it was convenient.

They punched and kicked her and attributed their misfortunes to the jinx.

But now that someone was there to protect the jinx and it would affect their own benefits, the villagers had to reconsider everything.

Someone immediately said, “Doctor Zhang, please calm down.

Back then, Lin Laosan had personally handed the title deeds to the girl, so this land had nothing to do with his family anymore.

We can all testify to that.

Lin Laosan and Li Cuihua cant take this place back so easily.”

“Thats right, Doctor Zhang.

We can all be witnesses.

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Li Cuihua was angered by the villagerswords and actions.

She immediately roared at them, “This is the Lin familys ancestral property, so why cant we take it back What nonsense are you talking about”

“Li Cuihua, were not talking nonsense.

Were just telling the truth.”

“Thats right.

Your whole family is bullying a poor child.

How could you”

On the other side, Lin Laosan brought Lin Daniu and Lin Erniu to Lin Shens house.

“Uncle,” Lin Laosan said as soon as he entered, “I want you to be my backing to take back our ancestral home.”

Lin Shen looked to be in his sixties or seventies.

His hair was white, and deep wrinkles covered his entire face.

His cloudy eyes stared sharply at Lin Laosan.

He took a few deep puffs of smoke and said to Lin Laosan sternly, “its about time.

Thats our house and place.

Why should we give them to an outsider!

“Plus, we have to do everything within our means to eliminate the family jinx!” His eyes flashed with murderous intent.



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