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Lin Laosans heart was relieved when he heard Lin Shen.

After that, he went to visit Lin Jiu.

However, he did not know that as soon as he left with his two sons, something had happened to Lin Shens family.

Lin Shen was still smoking in the hall, but his eyes were wide open, and his pupils were bulging.

His expression was one of disbelief.

When Lin Shens grandson, Lin Jin, came back from the yard with water, he was shocked to see his grandfather in such a state.

He threw the basin down and shouted in disbelief, “Grandpa, whats wrong Dont scare me!”

Lin Jiu was a little surprised to see Lin Laosan.

“What wind blew you here” His tone was sharp.

It was to do with Lin Qi.

Lin Qis reputation was much higher than his younger brothers.

Whenever there was a major event in the village, Lin Qi would always be consulted, but no one thought of Lin Jiu.

Lin Jiu was annoyed because of it.

However, ever since Lin Qi had been paralyzed, more villagers came to him.

It stroke his ego.

He liked it when people kissed his ass.

Lin Laosan knew exactly what to do.

Since Lin Laosan had a favor to ask, he knew that he had to come prepared.

He wrapped some copper coins in a red cloth and handed it over to Lin Jiu, saying, “Uncle Jiu, this is a small gift for you.

Please accept it!”

Lin Jius expression turned serious as he said sternly, “what are you doing Are you trying to bribe me Do you think Id accept money from you” However, his hands moved to accept the money.

He placed the money on the table and said, “Tell me.

Whats the matter”

Lin Laosan repeated what he had said to Lin Shen and said, “Uncle Jiu, I want to take back the ancestral home, but Ive already handed the title deeds to that wretched girl under the village chiefs coercion.

I hope that Uncle Jiu can have my back as I move to take back my ancestral land and home.”

Lin Jiu pondered for a moment before asking sternly, “What if you still cant take it back” With Lin Yiwei there, the chance of Lin Laosans failure was still high.

Three years ago, Lin Jiu chose to be neutral because his brother sided with Lin Laosan and he was pissed.

However, he didnt want to side with Lin Yiwei either.

Furthermore, Lin Laosan only bribed Lin Qi back then and not him.

Therefore, Lin Jiu took a neutral stance and helped no one.

However, the jinx had recently gained some terrifying powers.

She was like a ticking time bomb.

But more importantly, Lin Laosan had come bearing present this time.

Therefore, hed side with Lin Laosan.

Lin Laosan didnt hide anything, “Uncle Jin, that wretched girl sold the big tiger and got so much silver.

Some time ago, she sold a thousand-year-old ginseng for a thousand silver.

This time, if we cant get the house back, we must make her buy it with money.”

Upon hearing that Lin Yuelan had so much money, Lin Jius eyes lit up with greed.

He said, “are you serious She has more than a thousand taels of silver now”

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“Yes,” Lin Laosan replied.

“How much do you want from her”

“Three hundred taels!” In reality, it was 500 taels, but Lin Laosan knew that Lin Jiu was a greedy old man.

Lin Jius eyes narrowed.

Then, he pushed the red cloth back to Lin Laosan and said seriously, “Take these back.

In the future, you just have to remember your uncle Jius kindness.” In fact, he was hinting to Lin Laosan that he wanted more.

“Of course, I will do everything I can to rid the village of the demoness.

If one death can save all, Im all for it.”

Lin Laosan was not satisfied, he had to bear with it for the sake of the bigger picture.

He said, “Uncle Jiu, I will never forget your kindness.”

When Lin Laosan brought his two sons out of the house, Lin Daniu said indignantly, “Father, what does Lin Jiu mean by this Do we really need him Clearly, he wants more after he hears that we can get more money from the jinx!”

Lin Laosan looked around and heaved a sigh of relief when he saw that no one was around.

Then, he lectured Lin Daniu with a serious expression, “eldest son, do you know that were outside What if someone overhears you Do you want people to spread the word that the father of the future scholar is someone who disrespects the elders and speaks behind their backs That will be extremely disadvantageous to ZongEr, and it might even affect his path to becoming a scholar master.

Watch your words.”

Lin Daniu immediately looked around in shock.

Seeing that there was no one around, he heaved a sigh of relief and said softly, “Father, I know my mistake.

Ill definitely be careful in the future.”

When Lin Erniu heard this, he lowered his head and clenched his fists.

He didnt have a son.

It was the reason why his stupid eldest brother could suppress him.

After Lin Laosan and his son left, Lin Jiu was about to get up and go back to his room to rest.

At this moment, a strong wind suddenly blew in the house, and the whole house seemed to be shaking.

The strong wind blew everything in the house, including the chairs, tables, and cushions.

Lin Jiu was old.

Soon, Lin Jiu was blown off the ground.

He landed with his head first.

By the time his family found him, the blood from his forehead had already covered his entire face.

The blood had even soaked his clothes.

When they tested Lin Jius breathing, it had already stopped!


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