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“Impossible!” Li Cuihuas face immediately turned ashen.

‘If the two of them died, how are we going to get the money from that jinx

The first thing she cared about was not the deaths but money.

“Little Copper, why did Uncle Jiu and Uncle Shen suddenly…” Die.

Little Copper shook his head and said, “I dont know.

However, the two elders passed away suddenly after Uncle Lin Laosan met them.”


All the gazes immediately turned to Li Cuihua with anger and disbelief, causing her to shiver in fear.

Little Copper immediately went to Doctor Zhang and said very respectfully, “Doctor Zhang, uncle village chief wants you to go and take a look.”

Doctor Zhang nodded and said, “alright!” Then, he instructed Xiao Tong to stay at home and left with Little Copper.

Over one day, the Lin family Village lost two respected elders.

The four elders of the Lin family Village were Lin Qi, Lin Jiu, Lin Shen, and Lin An.

Lin Qi was severely paralyzed, while Lin Jiu and Lin Shen died.

This news shocked the entire Lin family Village.

The entire Lin family Village seemed to have lost all sunlight, and dark clouds loomed over the entire village.

To the Lin family villagers, the village elder was like their spine.

Without their spine, what were they supposed to do

“Why would Uncle Jiu and Uncle Shen suddenly die” Lin Yiwei frowned and looked at the two old men in the coffin in the ancestral hall.

He felt that it was unbelievable.

Lin Jius grandson, Lin Jin, had a solemn and sorrowful expression on his face as he said, “Uncle Lin Laosan and his sons came to look for grandfather today.

After that, I went to the well in the courtyard to get some water.

I was going to boil some hot water for grandfather and make some tea to drink.

But,” As he said that, he glared at Lin Laosan and said, “After I came back, uncle Lin had left, but my grandfather…”

Lin Shens eyes were wide ope,n and his eyeballs were protruding.

He had obviously died from shock.

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Lin Jin immediately questioned Lin Laosan angrily, “Lin Sandou, what did you say and do to my grandfather Why would my grandfather…” As he spoke, he was about to rush over and wave his fist at Lin Laosan, but he was stopped by the crowd.

Lin Sandou was the real name of Lin Laosan.

Lin Laosans two sons were so scared that they hid in a corner, not even daring to breathe.

That was because Lin Jiu and Lin Shens families had surrounded them.

Lin Laosans expression was serious, but his eyes revealed the panic in his heart.

He also didnt expect tragedy to strike the moment he left the two elders home.

Before he left, they had promised to help him get back his ancestral home.

So what had happened It was fine if they died normally, but that was not the case.

One died of fright, and the other died covered in blood!

Lin Laosan countered, “I didnt say or do anything to him.

I merely asked them to back me up so that I could take back my ancestral home!”

“Impossible!” Lin Jin didnt believe him at all.

“My grandfather was scared to death the moment you left.

You must have something to do with this!”

Lin Laosan found it hard to defend himself.

This was too much of a coincidence.

Lin Jius people also said, “my father fell to his death after you met him.

His room was messy as if there was a dispute and a fight.

Lin Sandou, tell me, did you quarrel with my father”

“No, I didnt!” Lin Laosan had brought his sons to beg for Lin Jius help, so why would he quarrel with him

Lin Xiaofeng, the youngest son of Lin Jiu, immediately said indignantly, “I clearly heard you telling my grandfather that you need him to prove that Lin Yuelan is currently illegally occupying your home.

But my grandfather didnt want to do something against his conscience, so you quarreled with my father, didnt you” That was technically what Lin Jiu said.

His grandson merely missed the tone used by his grandfather.

Plus, Lin Xiaofeng rather believed in the good character of his grandfather than otherwise.

Hearing Lin Xiaofeng, Lin Laosans brows were tightly knitted together.

He shouted sternly, “Lin Xiaofeng, dont you slander me.

I did ask your grandfather to help me, but he agreed on the spot.

We didnt quarrel at all.”

Lin Xiaofeng was furious.

He shouted again, “Lin Laosan, I heard everything with my own ears.

How am I slandering you”

In truth, Lin Xiaofengs memory was swayed by Little Green.

Little Green made it so that Lin Xiaofeng only remembered the good part of his grandfather, which was not that hard to do.

This was Lin Yuelans idea.

The goal was to make her enemies fight among themselves.

The crowd was confused by the different accounts, but everyone seemed to be more inclined to believe Lin Xiaofengs side.

After all, both elders deaths had to do with Lin Laosan and his two sons.

Lin Daniu stuck out half of his head.

“Youre talking nonsense.

Your grandfather had agreed to help us, but he requested that we give him more money.”

Lin Daniu was really stupid.

His words had tainted the character of the village elder.

It was true, but no one liked to hear that.


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