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As the saying goes, one shouldnt speak ill of the dead.

However, Lin Daniu was tarnishing the reputation of the Lin family Village elders.

If Lin Jiu really did ask for a bribe, then it would be a big scandal.

If this matter were to spread, how would the other villagers view the Lin family Village

Even the villagers in the village would look at them with contempt and humiliation.

How could Lin Jius family accept this

“Lin Daniu, shut up!” Lin Yiweis face darkened as he scolded, “Listen to what youre saying!” He was also scolding Lin Laosan.

“What ancestral home Who doesnt know that the thatched house was originally prepared to be used as a pigsty” Lin Yiwei exposed Lin Laosans familys purpose in one sentence.

“Now that you see that LanEr is rich, youre thinking of ways to ask for money, right

“Lin Laosan, three years ago, you coldly and heartlessly cut off all ties with LanEr.

Now, what face do you have to ask for a little girls money” Lin Yiwei was very angry as he said this through gritted teeth.

However, Lin Laosan did not feel guilty at all.

He said sternly, “Chief, I know youre biased towards that girl.

Even if that place was meant to be made into a pigsty, it still belongs to my family.

In the past, we pitied the girl and gave the house to her.

But now, since she has become rich, she wont show filial piety to her grandparents.

In that case, why cant I take back the house and the land”

“Bull**!” Lin Yiwei chided him sternly, “Lin Laosan, since when did you pity the girl, and who was the one who caused her to end up in that pitiful state Now that shes starting to make some money from selling the tiger and ginseng, youre all thinking about her money.

Now you want to be acknowledged as her grandparents and parents again Dont you feel guilty Arent you afraid of being cursed by the girl”

Lin Laosans face and ears were red from Lin Yiweis scolding.

He was embarrassed and angry.

He had lost all his face because of Lin Yiwei.

Just as he was about to refute…

“Oh, I remember now,” Lin Duan, the grandson of the Lin Qi, suddenly said.

“Brother Daniu came to see my grandfather before my grandfather became paralyzed.”

Everyone looked at Lin Laosan and his son with even more surprise.

They even looked at them with a peculiar light.

“Little Duan, speak clearly.

What exactly is going on” Lin Yiwei asked sternly when he heard that Lin Laosan and his son had something to do with Lin Qis accident.

They all knew that Lin Qi was suddenly paralyzed in bed, but they didnt know the details.

Lin Duan thought for a moment and said, “I dont know why Brother Daniu was looking for my grandfather that day.

However, I heard brother Daniu mention Lin Yuelan and drowning her.”

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“I know,” Lin Duans father, Lin Dabao, suddenly slapped his head and said loudly, “Some time ago, there was a rumor in the village that the girl had an ambiguous relationship with a few men from outside the village, and they even lived under the same roof.

So, Lin Daniu must be looking for my father to use my fathers hands to punish that girl by drowning or something.” Then, he was filled with anger towards Lin Daniu.

He shouted, “Lin Daniu, what did you tell my father”

In the past, he had never thought that Lin Qis paralysis would be related to Lin Daniu.

However, now three of the elders who met an accident were related to Lin Laosans family.

Lin Daniu was usually a smug and arrogant person who disdained talking to these villagers because he was the father of the future scholar.

But now, his face was pale, and his expression was flustered.

His eyes were looking around in panic.

However, he would never admit that he was related to the fact that Lin Qi was paralyzed.


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