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Jinyun Pavilion was recruiting a lot of people.

They were preparing for the grand opening in a months time.

After Jinyun Pavilion closed down for renovation, the manager, Li Huaisheng, was in a better and better mood.

The smile on his face grew more and more.

Firstly, it was because of the decorations of the shop.

He believed that the shop was definitely one of its kind in the world.

The decoration was bright and beautiful, bright and spacious.

At first glance, one couldnt help but feel happy.

Secondly, the finished clothes that were sewn by the sewing master and the embroiderers made peoples eyes light up.

There were elegant and modern styles, and there were all kinds of clothes that were suitable for all kinds of people.

There were clothes for noble women with power and influence, the kind of elegant and dignified young ladies, and even the delicate and elegant daughter of a small family.

If such beautiful and stunning dresses were not liked by women, then there would be no clothes in the world that women liked.

Thirdly, his wifes condition gradually improved.

At the very least, she would not forget him.

This was what he was most happy about.

The pain was being forgotten by ones lover was very intense.

Li Huaisheng was in a good mood.

He looked around the shop again, looking at the clothes that had been hung up and the cloth on the counter.

He wanted to see if they were placed properly or if there was any place left behind.

Then, he saw a dress hanging in the display window.

It was a little crumpled and wasnt done properly.

He immediately opened the display window and stretched out his hand to smooth it.

Then, he said to the staff, “Take a good look again and see if theres anything wrong.”

“Yes, shopkeeper!” The five shop assistants immediately responded.

Although the shop wasnt big, there was no surveillance camera like in modern times.

In order to prevent people from taking advantage of the situation, they had to have many eyes.

In addition, in order to serve her customers better, Lin Yuelan spent a lot of money.

A small shop had hired seven people, including the shopkeeper.

It was hard to find a shop like this in An Ding County or even the bustling capital, let alone Ning An Town.

The workers were hired based on their character.

Manager Li made sure of that.

Apart from manager Li, Lin Yuelan gave everyone else the same uniform.

The men were all dressed in dark blue long robes and long white scarves.

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The woman was wearing a light green dress and a set of accessories.

Although the accessories were not expensive, they were already very valuable to these poor girls.

As for manager Li, he was wearing a long maroon robe and a long white scarf, indicating that he was the manager of the store.

Just as Manager Li continued to check on the store, Xiao Li, who was sharply dressed, ran over excitedly.

However, he said with a worried expression, “manager, everything is ready.

The auspicious time is almost here.

Why isnt miss Lin here yet Would she not come”

As soon as Xiao Lis words fell, Li Huaisheng smacked the back of his head and said, “what are you saying Miss Lin will definitely come.

Perhaps theres something on the road that delayed her.”

Xiao Li touched the back of his head and laughed foolishly.

“Hehe, youre right!”

Out of the seven of them, only Xiao Li and Manager Li knew that miss Lin was their boss.

The others only knew that miss Lin came often and that the shopkeeper and brother Xiao Li were very respectful to miss Lin.

But hearing that they had to wait for miss Lin for the reopening, they were a little confused.

A boy of about 16 or 17 years old with a slightly delicate appearance came forward and asked doubtfully, “Shopkeeper, why are we waiting for miss Lin to come”

They had a slight understanding of manager Lis temper.

He was a gentle person.

As long as the questions were not too sharp, Manager Li would usually answer them.


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